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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1589

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1589

“Yes,” Morgan answered. She pleaded, “Ms. Lindberg, can you bring Marino back, too? He might not be important as Ben, but he’s the witness to the fire. I’m afraid the bad guys will harm him.”

“Don’t worry. I know what to do.” Charlotte bobbed her head. “Go get Hayley and Sam now. The patients need a doctor.”

“Got it.” Morgan left to do as told.

Before leaving, Charlotte arranged for the security of the house and told the bodyguards to put their guards up before leaving with Lupine and the others.

When they arrived at the hospital, Raina was already waiting at the back door. She stepped forward to welcome Charlotte and said anxiously, “They had been urging me since a while ago. I defied their order, for I want to wait until you take them with you.”

Lupine clenched her jaws. “They are really pushing us hard.”

“They want to push Ms. Lindberg into a corner, so she’ll give in.” Raina sighed. “Let’s get going. I heard the imposter had sent his men here. We need to leave with Ben and the rest before they arrive.”

“All right.”

Raina had told the medical staff to bring Alpha, Ben, and Marino down. They were helped into Charlotte’s vehicle.

Marino was all right. He was still recovering, but his condition was stable and he was awake. It would be fine for him to recover at home.

However, Ben was still unconscious. After his previous surgery, he was still recuperating. Thus, they had to be careful when handling him.

Raina also updated them about Alpha’s condition. “Alpha’s surgery was a success, and the problem had been solved. She needs to go to a reliable hospital to recuperate. It’s important, so you have to pay extra care to it. Otherwise, it might cause some complications.”

“Got it. Thanks, Raina,” Charlotte thanked her sincerely.

She was grateful that Raina risked everything to help and protect her at this critical moment.

“You’re welcome. That’s my job.” Raina prompted, “You should leave now. Otherwise, I won’t be able to justify my action when they arrive.”

“All right.”

Charlotte left Kindness Hospital with the three patients. To avoid running into the Nacht family’s convoy, she told Lupine to take another route.

They kept their fingers crossed throughout the journey, but in the end, they reached Northridge safely.

At the same time, Morgan had brought Hayley and Sam back. They cleared up the first floor and turned a few rooms into makeshift clinics for the three patients.

Hayley and Sam looked woefully at the patients. After all, they weren’t capable enough to treat them.

Marino’s wound was superficial, but Alpha’s illness was beyond their expertise, let alone Ben’s condition. They were rendered helpless.

Charlotte had to order Morgan to get a doctor to treat them at home. After all, it would be dangerous to leave them at other hospitals.

Even though Morgan used her connections and offered a handsome reward, no doctors dared to take up her offer.

When Charlotte was in distress, Helen contacted her and offered to move into Northridge to treat Alpha, Ben, and Marino.

Delighted, Charlotte thanked her gratefully and went to welcome her personally.

However, Helen told her, “You don’t have to thank me. Someone else had asked for my help.”

“Huh?” Charlotte was surprised. “Who is it?”

“I shall keep it a secret for now.” Helen sighed. “Anyway, if that person hadn’t asked for my help, I wouldn’t have risked my life to come to you.”

The Gold family and the Nacht family had informed the medical industry, so no one dared to take up the job.

Charlotte was confused. I wonder who asked Helen to come and help me. He or she must be an influential person.

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