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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1582

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1582

The Box

Charlotte held her phone as resignment and helplessness overwhelmed her heart.

Is there nothing I can do? I can only pray that Danrique fails to track Francesca down until she finishes treating Zachary.

Charlotte sighed at the thought.

“Ms. Lindberg!” Right then, Lupine came in with a bowl of medicinal broth. “You didn’t sleep a wink since yesterday. Have some soup and go to bed.”

“Mm.” Charlotte leaned against the sofa in exhaustion. “I told someone to send Mrs. Rawlston back home. Has she arrived safely?”

“Yes, she had arrived a while ago. I was about to report it to you,” Lupine answered. She took a box from the shelf and offered it to Charlotte. “Mrs. Rawlston kept reminding me to let you open the box yourself. Have a look at it.”

“Isn’t it snacks for the kids? Why do I have to open it myself?”

Charlotte was so tired she could barely move, but she still opened the box as requested.

After opening the box, a delicate lunchbox appeared in sight. There were various delicious snacks inside the lunchbox. However, there was also a wooden box underneath.

Charlotte opened the box and froze in surprise.

The box contained the stuff she left in the Nacht residence two and a half years ago, including her father’s will, the black card her father left for her, the Windt residence’s house deed, and the ruby necklace Zachary gave her among others.

Recently, her plate was so full that she had forgotten about them, but Hanna was thoughtful enough to keep these for her.

Obviously, Hanna had risked her life to save these items when Southridge was on fire just to give them back to her.

Perhaps someone else might think these items weren’t valuable at all, but they were meaningful to Charlotte.

Two and a half years ago, Charlotte left these items under the care of Mrs. Berry. Though Henry had sent her to T Nation right before the wedding, Mrs. Berry brought the stuff along. Alas, she died in a horrible fashion in T Nation.

Charlotte was poisoned and nearly died that night, so she had forgotten all about these items.

She was deep in thought when Hanna’s call arrive. Snapping out of her train of thought, she immediately answered it. “Mrs. Rawlston.”

“Mrs. Nacht, have you received the items?”

Hanna’s voice was soft, so she had obviously made the call in secret.

“Yes, I have. Thank you, Mrs. Rawlston.”

Charlotte was touched by the gesture. Everyone was accusing her of murdering her husband to get the Nacht family fortune. Some even claimed that her children weren’t Zachary’s.

However, Hanna never once doubted her. She trusted her without a doubt.

“You don’t have to thank me, for I’m just doing my job,” came Hanna’s soft answer. “After that incident in T Nation, Mr. Zachary came home with this box and left it in my care. He told me you’ll be back one day. On the night before your wedding, he summoned me and informed me to give you the box three days after the wedding if everything goes smoothly. If something crops up, I was told to keep the box safe and return it to you when the time comes. He told me the items are important to you, especially that…”

“Mrs. Rawlston!”

Someone called Hanna’s name before she could finish her sentence. Hence, she hung up before revealing what the important item was.

Charlotte gripped the phone as her heart raced in excitement. At the same time, she was also confused. Hanna’s words seemed to allude to the fact that Zachary had sensed trouble before their wedding. That was why he left the box with Hanna.

However, she couldn’t understand why he didn’t reveal a word to her.

Charlotte couldn’t help but wonder what item Hanna was referring to at the end of her sentence.

She searched through the box and found the black card her father had left her. After racking her brains, she recalled how she gave Jeffrey some money to invest in his factory. There should be around a hundred million left inside.

Was Mrs. Rawlston talking about this black card?

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