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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1575

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1575

What Bothered Ellie

“I’m also looking for your mommy too, sweeties. But please give me more time.” Charlotte did not want to lie to the children. “I’m sure your Mommy misses you too. Perhaps, she might come and find you soon.”

“Really?” Beta tilted her head and asked enthusiastically, “Mommy will come and find us?”

“I’m sure she will.” Charlotte rubbed the back of her head. “Have you two eaten your breakfast? Join me.”

“We want to eat with Ellie,” Gamma said. She could not help but sigh, “Aunt Charlotte, you should go and check on Ellie. She doesn’t talk and smile like she used to anymore.”

“Is Ellie awake?” Charlotte lifted her head and asked the maid behind Gramma.

“She has just woken up, Ms. Lindberg,” the maid replied.

“Let’s go and see her.” Charlotte held Gamma and Beta’s hands and was ready to leave. She then turned around and said to Lupine, “Stay here, finish the breakfast, and take some rest.”

“What about you, Ms. Lindberg?”

“I’ll be back shortly.”

Charlotte arrived at Ellie’s room and realized she was awake. Ellie sat on the couch with her hands wrapping over her legs and gazed at the sun.

“Ellie.” Charlotte walked over and gave her a hug, but she did not know what else to say to the troubled child.

“Mommy…” Ellie leaned against her chest and asked, “Are there monsters in this world?”

“What? What monster?” Charlotte froze for a moment.

“I saw someone who looked exactly like Daddy.” The fearful Ellie could not help but shudder. “That man fired a shot at Mr. Ben. He also shot Daddy and me. It’s so scary!”

“It’s all right now. Everything’s all right now.” Charlotte hugged Ellie tightly and stroked her hair. “Mommy’s here now. No one can hurt you anymore.”

“Why does the man look like Daddy?” Ellie asked in fear, “Is he a monster? Is he one of those monsters who will turn into a human a-and…” Ellie stuttered.

“That man is a bad guy, Ellie. The cops will catch him and put him in jail.” Charlotte continued to console her, “Daddy loves you very much, and he’ll never hurt you!”

“Mommy…” Ellie buried her face in Charlotte’s chest and cried, “That bad guy wanted to kill me, so Daddy fought with him and asked me to run as fast as possible. Daddy got hurt because of me…”

“Daddy will be fine. The doctors are treating him in the hospital. He’ll come home soon,” Charlotte explained.

Charlotte finally understood what truly bothered the little girl. Ellie could not overcome her fear because she thought Zachary got into trouble because of her. She could not accept it.

“Is that so?” Ellie got agitated. “Are you telling me the truth, Mommy?”

“Of course! Why would Mommy lie to you?” Charlotte gently ran her fingers on her cheeks. “Daddy will come home once he gets better. Believe me, okay?”

“Okay.” Ellie nodded. Once again, her eyes sparkled with hope.

Charlotte went deep in thought. I have to make a trip to Southridge to find out if Francesco is treating Zachary at that place.

She would only feel more at ease if she could make sure he was safe. When she was about to return to her room to rest, a tiny hand grabbed the corner of her blouse. It was Gamma.

She squatted and smiled at the little girl. “Is there anything you wanna tell me?”

“Aunt Charlotte…” Gamma took a glance at the room and whispered in Charlotte’s ear. “I know how we can find Mommy. If we manage to find her, we’ll be able to help Alpha and Ellie.”

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