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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1568

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1568


“Okay, okay. Why don’t I sleep here with you guys tonight? Then, you’ll have nothing to be afraid of.”

Morgan held both Gamma and Beta in her arms, hoping to soothe their fears.

Beta’s tears and snot dampened the entire front of her shirt, but Morgan did not mind. She even reached out to wipe her nose with her bare hands.

“Don’t cry . Let me tell you girls a story…”

With that, Morgan began telling a bedtime story from memory. Not long after that, she herself began to nod off.

Beta, too, fell asleep along with her.

Gamma, however, could not fall asleep. She continued watching Fifi on her perch outside with big, tearful eyes. Then, she whispered desperately to herself, “Fifi, can you help me find Mommy?”

After getting injured in the fire, Fifi had been receiving treatments. Although its condition had greatly improved, it still could not fly very well. Hence, it spent most of its days resting on its perch.

Despite that, Fifi cocked its head as if it understood Gamma’s plea. It cooed twice and pecked its wings as if to tell Gamma that it was too injured to fly for the time being.

As Gamma looked at Fifi’s injured wings, she sighed hopelessly. Then, she, too, fell asleep.

It seems that my plan to find Mommy will have to be put on pause for now… I wonder where’s Aunt Charlotte. I miss her so much…

Over at the hospital, Charlotte did not sleep a wink at all that night.

When she saw Raina emerge from the ward, she quickly asked, “How’s the situation in there?”

“Everything is stable for now, but we will have to keep observing,” Raina replied in a tired voice. “The major injury is the wound on the back of her head. Some rust got into the wound. So, it got a little complicated.”

“Can it heal?” Charlotte asked anxiously. “Will there be any long-term effect?”

“I can’t tell for sure,” Raina said, sounding rather ashamed of her uncertainty. “I’ll have to observe it for a while first.”

Her reply made Charlotte’s heart even more uneasy.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Lindberg. The situation is entirely under control,” Raina quickly said reassuringly when she saw the frown on Charlotte’s face. “Go home and get some rest. You’ve been up all night. I’m sure there are plenty of things that need your attention back home.”

“Yes, Ms. Lindberg, you should go home,” Lupine echoed softly. “I have arranged for a few men to stand guard here. Everything will be fine.”

“Okay, then.” Charlotte nodded and turned to leave. Just as she had walked two steps away, she suddenly recalled something. She quickly pulled Raina aside and asked, “Are there any specialists in other hospitals that are able to treat this injury?”

“This type of injury is not uncommon. Specialists everywhere are able to treat it. The difference lies in their level of expertise…” Raina was a little puzzled by Charlotte’s question. “Ms. Lindberg, why are you asking me this? It’s better to leave Alpha with me. I’ll attend to her personally, and I can help protect her too.”

“I’m afraid you’ll be rather helpless soon,” Charlotte said with a frown.

“Huh?” Raina exclaimed in surprise. However, before she could ask any further, her phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID and quickly picked up the call. “Mr. Nacht? Yes, but over here… Yes, I understand.”

After hanging up, Raina turned to Charlotte with a somewhat conflicted expression. “Mr. Nacht has asked me to go to Mr. Spencer immediately. He also asked me to put my task here in the hospital on hold. He says he has other more important tasks for me.”

“I knew it…”

At that moment, Bruce called and said, “Ms. Lindberg, I’ve just received news that…”

He paused for a moment before he continued in a rather guilty tone, “Mr. Nacht has ordered me to return immediately. He does not want me to handle the matters here anymore. I…”

“You go ahead,” Charlotte said simply. She had already expected this to happen. “If you find any clues, let me know. I’ll search for Jamie and Robbie myself.”

“But you don’t have enough men on your team. If we leave, what will you do?” Bruce fretted anxiously. “Why don’t we ignore his order? Raina and I are definitely on your side.”

“No,” Charlotte said immediately. “Recklessness will ruin everything! Do not say that!”

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