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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1563

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1563


“That’s right…” Charlotte smiled coldly. “Whatever it is, the Gold family are wise enough to know what to do. Just look at Nancy. She treated me with respect even when the Lindberg family had fallen from grace previously. She knows Danrique will make a comeback one day. I’m sure Jesse knows that as well; that’s why he didn’t dare lay his fingers on the girls. He knows Danrique and Zachary don’t like to butt into others’ problems. As long as he doesn’t touch Danrique’s raw nerves, Danrique would never interfere in the Nacht family’s matters. So when he found out that he accidentally abducted the girls, he immediately asked his men to release them and then lured me to go and save them. He didn’t want to provoke Danrique.”

“Exactly. So I’m assuming he won’t harm Robbie and Jamie either.” Lupine gave her conjecture. “After all, they’re Mr. Lindberg’s nephews.”

“Not at the moment, since he can still use them to threaten me.” Charlotte knitted her brows tight. “But I can’t tell if that will stay the same later.”

“I’ve heard from Morgan that you’ve signed the papers. What else does he want?” Lupine sounded annoyed.

“Zachary and I are still husband and wife. Even though we’ve signed the papers, those assets are still his, not Jesse’s or Chris’. I’m afraid it’ll still take some time if Jesse wants to pocket everything himself. I’ll become his obstacle if I try to block his way now. But with the children in his hands, will I still dare take any actions? Not only do I not dare, but I might also even have to submit to his threats and do things that are against my principles.”

Charlotte seemed to have seen through Jesse’s plot.

“I guess we’ve underestimated our rival,” sighed Lupine. “I’ve always thought Chris’ tactics were lowly, but it turns out that Jesse is nowhere better.”

“He must’ve wanted to use Chris’ foolishness to make us put our guards down.” Charlotte rubbed her temples in exhaustion. “It’s too late to say this now. We have to find Robbie and Jamie quickly. It’s too risky for the kids to leave them in his hands.”

“Got it.” With that said, Lupine stepped on the accelerator, and the car sped through the roads.

“Oh yes…” Just then, another thought crossed Charlotte’s mind. ”Danrique is always flawless in his arrangement. He would’ve left some of his men at the Garden Villa to protect the kids when he sends the others out to help you look for Zachary today, but it seems like he didn’t? And neither did he do anything after the girls got abducted?”

“Gordon didn’t have the time to tell you. Mr. Lindberg has brought Sean back to Erihal this morning,” explained Lupine. “I heard that there’s a situation over there. Mr. Lindberg is beginning to retaliate after being in shadows for so long.”

“I see.” Comprehension dawned on Charlotte. “Does Jesse know that Danrique is returning to Erihal, so he deliberately chose to take action today?”

“If Mr. Lindberg is still around, there’s no way he will allow anybody to take the kids away.” Lupine was feeling indignant. “How despicable that man is that he could lay his hands on such young children?”

“He has set such a big trap to usurp the Nacht family’s assets. Besides, he even uses his biological daughter as a pawn. I’m sure the others mean nothing to him at all!” Charlotte narrowed her eyes as she fell into deep thoughts.

“Biological daughter? Are you talking about Nancy?” Lupine questioned in confusion. “I thought she’s in the same team as her dad?”

“I don’t think so. She even helped us today.” Charlotte scrunched her eyebrows. “But I think her doings will come to light soon. By then, Jesse definitely won’t let her off.”


“Take it as I owe her. I’ll repay her kindness if there’s an opportunity in the future. But now, we have to find Robbie and Jamie quickly.”


In the meantime, Bruce informed them that he had been to the vicinity around the garage to look for Robbie and Jamie with ten other subordinates, yet to no avail.

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