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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1562

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1562

Let Go

“Ms. Lindberg, Alpha has only sustained some physical injuries. I’m sure she’ll be fine, so don’t worry,” Morgan assured her. “It’s lucky that we’ve found the girls, at the very least. But we’ve yet to find Robbie and Jamie. How about I take the girls to the hospital myself while you go and look for the two kids first?”

“Judging from the situation at the garage, they didn’t stay there for long. They probably left quite a while ago after leaving the girls there. It won’t be easy to find them within such a short time, so it’s pointless for me to go there. Besides, Alpha is hurt. Now that her condition is still unknown, how can I leave her side? I must be responsible for them since Danrique entrusted them to me.”

Even though Charlotte’s explanation was very rational, she was on tenterhooks about Robbie and Jamie’s safety.

“But—” Before Morgan could say anything, Charlotte received a call from Lupine. “Hello, Lupine. What is it?” she answered immediately.

“I’ve yet to find Mr. Nacht. But we’ve confirmed that he’s still alive. We found some herbal medicine dregs at the place, and Francesco may be the one treating him. But I don’t understand why Francesco would take Mr. Nacht while hiding in the dark. She should know that we’re looking for her.” Lupine was baffled.

“I bet someone else is looking for them too. She probably ran away since she can’t tell who’s good and who’s bad.” It seemed like Charlotte had seen right through the situation. “But as long as she’s alive, there’ll be hope.”

“Yeah, that’s what Gordon said too.”

“Get him to continue the search. As for you, bring more people over as soon as possible. I need more help.”

“All right.”

In no time, Charlotte arrived at Kindness Hospital.

Raina came over to take charge of treating Alpha while tasking two other doctors to give Beta and Gamma a check.

While waiting anxiously in the hospital for results, Charlotte could not help but be worried about Robbie and Jamie.

Meanwhile, Lupine contacted Morgan to get updates on the latest situation. She was ashamed of herself for not being able to be of great help.

After more than an hour of examination, Raina came out of the room. “Ms. Lindberg, there are some complications with Alpha’s wounds. I’ll need some time to treat them, but don’t worry. I promise she won’t be in a life-threatening situation.”

“That’s good to hear.” Charlotte heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ll leave the child in your hands. You must cure her and make sure she’s fine.”

“Fret not. I’ll do my best,” Raina assured. “Also, I’ve finished giving Beta and Gamma a checkup. Other than some abrasions and being shocked by what happened, there are no other problems. They’ve already gotten a jab, and all they need now is some rest.”


Before rushing off with Lupine, Charlotte ordered all her subordinates to stay at the hospital with Morgan to protect Ellie and the three girls.

While driving to meet up with Bruce, Lupine reported the situation to Charlotte.

Upon hearing that, the latter frowned. “That means Jesse knew long ago that Zachary isn’t dead. That’s why he’s been sending his men to look for him everywhere. It’s no wonder why Francesco has to go into hiding.”

“Why didn’t she contact you?” Lupine asked curiously.

“Maybe she can’t find a good opportunity. Or perhaps…” Charlotte’s expression turned somber. “Zachary’s condition isn’t looking good, so she isn’t confident that she can cure him…”

“That’s possible.” Lupine nodded. “She must be worried that you’ll be hurt again after regaining hope upon hearing that piece of news. Or maybe as a doctor, she wanted to give it a try and cure him first before getting in contact with you.”

“Hmm, I guess so.” Charlotte’s heart sank to rock bottom. “I didn’t manage to find Hubby, and now, I’ve even lost the kids…”

“Ms. Lindberg, don’t worry. I believe Jesse wouldn’t dare do anything to the kids.” Lupine comforted her gently. “The fact that he got his men to release the girls proves that he’s still afraid of Mr. Lindberg…”

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