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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1561

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1561

Alpha is Hurt

Charlotte had planned for her subordinates to lay ambush nearby and on standby, ready to be summoned.

Along with Morgan and Bruce, she then drove toward the abandoned scrapyard at the foot of the mountain in the western suburbs.

Over ten people were lying in ambush around, fully guarded.

Morgan and Bruce were visibly worried even as they prepared themselves for the worst—risking their lives in exchange for the children.

Along their way, Charlotte emphasized again that she would be in charge of luring the enemy away, and Bruce would take cover for Morgan while she tried to save the children.

Alighting near the garage, the trio then snuck into the location carefully.

Nevertheless, they did not find any suspicious person around. Even more strange was how there was not a soul seen.

Just as they thought their rival was hiding away, a burst of children’s crying suddenly rang out from a distance away.

Startled, Charlotte instinctively said, “It’s the girls!”

“That’s Beta’s crying.”

Having taken care of the three children for so long, Morgan was familiar with their voices and could recognize them at once.

With their hearts racing, the trio followed the trail of sounds and in no time, they found Beta and Gamma in a pile of scrapped cars.

“Beta, Gamma!”

Charlotte and Morgan rushed over immediately.

Bruce held up his gun on standby as he watched the surroundings.

“Aunt Charlotte! Ms. Morgan! I’m scared! I’m so scared! Boohoo…” Upon seeing Charlotte, Beta and Gamma burst into tears.

“It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” Charlotte carried the two kids out with Morgan before she continued, “Where’s Alpha?”

“Alpha is hurt. She is bleeding badly. Boohoo…”

Beta pointed in the direction of the other pile of scrapped cars.

Charlotte immediately passed Beta to Morgan and hurried over to look for Alpha.

Indeed, the latter had suffered a head injury and was bleeding profusely. Her body also had multiple cuts from the rusty scrap metals in the surroundings.


Charlotte quickly removed her jacket and wrapped it around Alpha’s body before checking on her condition.

“How is Alpha doing?” Morgan carried the other two kids and walked over.

“I think she had a fall. Her wounds seem to have got in contact with the rusty scraps. We have to hurry her to the hospital since there’s a possibility she’ll get infected with tetanus.” Charlotte was visibly anxious. “Bring her to the car first.”

“Got it.”

The three of them quickly carried the three kids into the car.

“Beta, Gamma, do you all know where Robbie and Jamie are?” Charlotte asked hastily.

“Some bad guys took them away.” As though she was scared out of her wits, Beta shuddered while heaving with sobs.

“They asked if we’re Daddy’s kids. They threw us out of the car when we said yes and took Robbie and Jamie with them.” Gamma was slightly calmer and could express herself more clearly. “We’re so scared and wanted to go look for you. But Alpha fell accidentally and started bleeding so much.”

“Aunt Charlotte, will Alpha die?” Beta held onto Charlotte and asked while crying, “There’s so much blood… She isn’t talking to us and doesn’t move either… We’re so frightened…”

“Nothing will happen to her. We will send her to the hospital now.” Charlotte hugged Alpha tightly as she was worried sick. “Bruce, bring someone along with you and continue looking for Robbie and Jamie. I’ll send the girls to the hospital first.”

“Understood.” Bruce nodded. “Fret not. I’ll take care of the things here. Get going.”


Taking two other female bodyguards along, Charlotte and Morgan then strode out of the garage.

At the same time, as the car sped toward Kindness Hospital, Charlotte also ordered the others to join Bruce in the search for Robbie and Jamie’s whereabouts.

Still hugging onto the unconscious Alpha, Charlotte could only feel anxiousness and anxiety consuming her. “Alpha, I’m sorry. Nothing must happen to you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to face your daddy!”

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