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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1560

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1560


Gordon had always been steady and trustworthy. He left behind several trusted men to stay put at the hospital to protect Ellie while he left with his other subordinates to look for Zachary.

Previously, someone tried to sneak into the hospital to abduct Ellie. However, they did not manage to do it successfully.

Now, she was finally in safe hands under the protection of those men.

With that, Charlotte could heave a sigh of relief. She urged Raina to help her take good care of Ellie.

In a sincere tone, Raina answered, “Rest assured, Ms. Lindberg. Ellie is Mr. Nacht and your child. I will protect her with my life!”

Charlotte was moved by Raina’s response.

She was worried that Bruce and Raina would believe in those lies and misunderstand her. Nonetheless, they chose to trust and stand by her even when she did not give them any form of explanation.

“Bruce thinks the same too,” Raina added. “And the Elite Eighteen as well. We’ve always kept Mr. Nacht’s words in mind and are determined to protect you and the kids no matter what!”

“Thank you.”

In truth, Charlotte was a little guilty of not divulging the truth to Raina, Bruce, and the rest when she found out that Chris was an imposter. She had done that as she wanted to garner their most authentic reactions to coordinate with her act.

Even till the later part of the plan, she did not tell any of them. Yet, they still chose to believe her like how they always did.

Disappointment engulfed her when her fellow comrades who stood by her had turned their back on her and chose to keep their distance at a critical time like when she left Divine Corporation.

Only till now did she realize that she was never alone.

“Go ahead with your work. I’ll be here at the hospital.”

“All right.”

After concluding the call, Charlotte led the others and resumed the search. Nonetheless, they were searching everywhere blindly as they had too few clues. That method was not particularly effective, and hence they could only pin all their hopes on Johann.

Because this was a critical matter involving classified information, Johann had to personally do the work alone since it was not an option for them to enlist the help of other experts.

Johann had been an expert in technology since young. He had participated in many developments of the technological products of the Divine Corporation, and hence he was very familiar with tracking software. It was a pity that their rival seemed to have high-security settings for their communication devices.

Besides, he was no longer as fit as in the past due to his old age. Coupled with how he was not feeling well that day, it was not an easy feat to brace himself through and brainstorm for ideas.

Time ticked by, and Charlotte was only getting more and more anxious. She had ordered her subordinate to retrieve the surveillance camera footage but could only lay their hands on the one outside Garden Villa.

As for the footage for other parts of the roads, they could only wait for the police to provide them.

She had contacted the police, but the latter required them to provide case information, then file for an investigation before they could check the surveillance cameras and look for the culprit.

Those processes only made the situation even more complicated.

Just as things were becoming stagnant and there was no breakthrough point, a call from Johann suddenly rang. On the phone, he said agitatedly, “Robbie has sent a clue. I’ve managed to find them…”

“That’s great news!”

Despite receiving that piece of clue, Charlotte did not hurry over with her subordinates. Instead, she dismissed everyone else and only took Morgan and Bruce along with her.

“Just the three of us, Ms. Lindberg? Will we be able to save them?” Morgan seemed uneasy.

“It’ll be too obvious if too many people are there,” Charlotte said as she frowned. “Now that the kids are in their hands, it’ll be bad if they harm them.”

“Got it.” Morgan nodded. “I’ll save them even if it’s at the expense of my life.”

“No need to do that. Your task is to drive the car, take the kids, and leave with you,” Charlotte instructed. “You have to remember that no matter what happens, put the kids’ safety as the priority.”

“Ms. Lindberg…”

“This is an order,” Charlotte snapped.

“Yes.” Morgan did not dare to comment any further and immediately got into the car.

“Bruce…” Charlotte turned to look at him. “You’re the most skilled person here, and that’s why you’re the only one I can bring with me. But I’m afraid it’s going to be very dangerous…”

“Ms. Lindberg, you don’t need to worry.” Bruce understood her meaning well. “Mr. Nacht gave me my life. As a member of the Nacht family, I’m not afraid of death!”

“Thank you.” Even though Charlotte was overwhelmed with mixed emotions on the inside, she did not say anything more. “Let’s get in the car.”


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