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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1558

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1558


Charlotte grew more anxious the more she thought about it and kept urging Morgan, “Drive faster!”

“This is the fastest I can go, Ms. Lindberg,” Morgan said, almost in tears from nerves herself. “This is a public road, and there are a lot of other cars and pedestrians here. If I go any faster, we’ll get into trouble.”

“Tell the other family members to go to Garden Villa and pick up the kids,” Charlotte said, beginning to think of other solutions. “Tell everyone to be there. Now.”


“Ms. Lindberg, are you saying that that monster is going to do something to the kids?” Morgan said, panicking. “Mr. Spencer’s people would protect them, right? Even in the worst-case scenario, they should be able to hold out until we get there!”

“Spencer’s men won’t be able to last that long.”

Charlotte picked up her phone and tried to call Robbie but to no avail.

This only made her more anxious. “Sh*t. They’ve probably been lying in wait for a long time. I can’t believe they acted right after I signed that contract.”

“It can’t be,” Morgan hurriedly said. “Didn’t you say that Mr. Lindberg’s guys would protect them in hiding? Nothing will happen to them.”

“They were supposed to, but after what happened today, I’m afraid all of Danrique’s guys are helping to look for Zachary.”

Charlotte was kicking herself inwardly, and she hated herself for taking so long to think of something so important.

She thought revealing to Chris that they were looking for Zachary would result in the mastermind conducting a search for him too.

Now, however, she realized that that person had only sent a portion of his people to go after Zachary just to throw her off. The real threat was probably already lying in wait at Garden Villa, just waiting to get their claws on her children.

“Sh*t!” Morgan said and stepped on the gas pedal harder. “All we can do right now is pray.”

Charlotte picked up her phone and called Gordon, but he wasn’t picking up, possibly looking for Zachary in a place without cell reception.

“Ms. Lindberg, we can’t get through to Lupine either,” one of her bodyguards reported urgently.

At that moment, Charlotte was gritting her teeth in anger. She couldn’t believe how smart that person was. He had probably intended to lead the others to an area without reception so that he could ambush them.

All of this was practically too perfect of a plan.

The more stupid Chris acted, the more she underestimated Jesse.

That was precisely why she had miscalculated everything.


Suddenly, Charlotte’s phone rang. She picked it up only to see Spencer’s name.

Immediately, she answered, “Spencer?”

“What’s going on? Did your subordinates come to pick up your kids?” Spencer asked urgently.

“What? Someone already picked up the kids?” Charlotte asked urgently. “When? Who was it? Were Cain and Kyle not watching them?”

“The two of them and a couple of other subordinates got taken away in a long SUV.”

Spencer’s voice was low, but he sounded extremely urgent nonetheless. “Believe me. Whether or not they’re Zachary’s kids, I don’t want anything to happen to them. Besides, you know I’m on your side.”

“I know,” Charlotte cut him off and tried her best to control her emotions. “Listen to me, Spencer. I’ll settle this on my own, but you have to follow our original plan. Don’t change anything because of this.”

“Are the kids really okay?”

“I’ll do my best to save them. Besides, Danrique’s kids are there too. There’s no way he would let anything happen to them.”

“Okay,” Spencer said, breathing a sigh of relief. “Johann and I are still here at the company. Protect yourself and the kids.”

“Got it.”

After hanging up, Charlotte thought about it for a second before calling Nancy.

She only picked up after a while. In a soft voice, she answered, “Hello?”

“Nancy, if anything happens to my kids, I’m going to drag the entire Gold family to hell with me.”

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