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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1557

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1557

The Real Professional

Those words don’t sound like anything that Zachary would ever say.

Spencer stared at him, and his frown deepened.

“Just sign, Ms. Lindberg,” Rodney said quietly. “It’ll be better for everyone.”

Without another word, Charlotte simply picked up the pen and signed her name onto the documents.

Chris’ eyes lit up at the sight of the thick sheaf of papers.

Even Kallum was clearly excited.

“Good,” Spencer said in a low voice at the sight of Charlotte’s signatures. “You can leave now. I will settle things with the board of directors.”

Charlotte remained silent and glared at Chris before turning to leave.

Immediately, Morgan and the other two bodyguards followed closely behind her.

The bodyguards opened up a path for them to walk through while everybody else simply stared at them.

Lucy continued watching Charlotte with the intention to go and talk to her, but in the end, she simply remained rooted to her spot.

Everyone in the president’s office watched as Charlotte left, but none of them dared to come up and talk to her.

Some executives even cursed, “She was let off too easily.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte, Morgan, and the others walked into the elevator.

It was about to close when Johann suddenly emerged from the crowd and said softly, “Take care of the kids, Charlotte! I know we’ll meet again.”

Charlotte nodded quietly.

After walking out of the elevator, she got into the car.

Morgan finally exploded, “What the hell was up with all those people? They’re so shameless! All they do is trim their sails to the wind.”

“Hasn’t Lupine replied?” one of the bodyguards asked carefully. “Have they found Mr. Nacht?”

“It’s impossible to find him this quickly,” Morgan said in disappointment. “While waiting for the results, I was in contact with Lupine the whole time. They’ve been putting their all into looking for him, but nothing’s coming up.”

“Then what was the phone call from before?”

“I purposely asked Lupine to make the call,” Morgan replied. “We wanted to get to that imposter and make him think we already found Mr. Nacht so that he would panic and hopefully expose himself.”

“I see!”

The two bodyguards nodded in surprise.

“We would have succeeded too if it weren’t for the mastermind calling him at the last minute,” Morgan said angrily. “Ms. Lindberg was doing so well! That imposter was no match for her, but that mastermind truly does have a few tricks up his sleeve.”

“You’re right.”

“Morgan!” Charlotte said urgently, suddenly remembering something. “Go to Garden Villa and pick up the kids right now.”

“All right,” Morgan said, instantly starting the car.

“Call Gordon and ask him to arrange for people to greet us there,” Charlotte continued.

“Understood.” One of the bodyguards immediately made the call.

“Drive faster, Morgan.”

Charlotte had a bad feeling that that evil man would do something to her kids. If they managed to get their hands on her kids, she wouldn’t have anything left.

With her soft spot in their hands, all she could do was accept her fate.

“Ms. Lindberg, I can’t get through to Gordon,” one of the bodyguards said anxiously. “What do we do?”

“Call Lupine and tell her to return first.”

Charlotte was really beginning to panic now. She was finally aware that she may have underestimated the mastermind.

Before that, she had assumed that she was doing well and that everything was going her way, but only now did she realize that everything had been in Jesse’s control the whole time.

For every step that she made, he was always one step ahead of her. He had managed to predict everything she would do and even used Chris as a pawn for his plan, making her assume that he was merely on the same level as Chris.

Now, she finally realized that he was using Chris’ incompetence to hide his actual capability.

Even now, he had complete control over every single detail. If he got his hands on the kids, there was nothing they could do even if Zachary returned.

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