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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1556

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1556


Those words managed to extinguish Charlotte’s anger almost completely.

After all, her kids were her soft spot; her Achilles’ heel. No matter what happened to her or everyone else, she couldn’t let her kids get involved.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door loudly.

Rodney and his team entered promptly.

They clearly already knew what they were there for and placed the document on the table wordlessly before standing aside.

They were on Charlotte’s side, but the DNA results were hard facts that no one could deny. At this point, they had to do their jobs.

Almost everyone in the house was now on Chris’ side, apart from Morgan and the two female bodyguards from the Lindberg family who were on Charlotte’s side. Despite that, they seemed especially helpless.

After all, the Nacht family had the upper hand now.

“Charlotte, you better sign it right now. If you do, we can guarantee your safe departure from here. If not, we’ll be forced to—”

“If you don’t stop barking, I’m going to kick you out,” Spencer finally cracked and cut Kallum off.

“Spencer, why are you still on her side even now?” Kallum said, annoyed.

“Leave,” Spencer said simply, slamming his cane against the floor.

Some bodyguards rushed over to escort Kallum out of the room.

“Okay, okay! I’ll keep my mouth shut. I won’t say anything else. I’ll just watch, okay?” Kallum panicked and quickly made a gesture as if he was zipping up his mouth.

Chris glanced at the guards, who promptly stepped aside.

“I suggest you just sign the document,” Spencer advised and pointed at the document. “Once you do that, everything will come to an end. We won’t take any legal action, and we’ll keep this matter from the public. However, we will be looking into the fire at the Nacht Residence as well as Zachary’s disappearance. We’ll inform the police of everything you did as well.”

“Is this even a fair deal?” Charlotte scoffed. “These stocks and assets are incredibly valuable. Why should I let go of them for my so-called ‘reputation’?”

“You may not care about your reputation, but what about your kids?” Spencer asked. “Don’t you care about them and their future? If news of this got out, how are they going to show their face in public? There will be eyes following them everywhere they go.”

“Exactly!” Kallum butted in.

“They may not be mine, but after calling me Daddy for so many years, I wouldn’t want that to happen to them,” Chris said. “I don’t care about what happened in the past anymore. Now, all I want is for you to return all of your assets. That’s already kind enough, isn’t it? What are you worrying about?”

“Yes, how kind of you,” Charlotte said, glaring at him coldly. “I hope you know that when I expose you for who you truly are, I won’t be this forgiving.”

“You’re insane,” Chris replied, avoiding her stare in guilt.

“Spencer, you remember what Zachary told you before he disappeared, right?” Charlotte was still trying her best to convince Spencer, “Please believe me. He’s Chris, not Zachary. He got plastic surgery to look like Zachary, and he came back for revenge-”

“Shut up!”

In his urgency, Chris slapped Charlotte across the face.

The slap was so loud that it rendered the room silent for a few seconds.

Even Chris himself was taken aback, and he stared at his hand in shock. His gaze momentarily softened in guilt, but he soon regained composure.

“How dare you!”

Morgan rushed over and berated Chris, but she got held back by the bodyguards.

Charlotte’s face was still stuck looking to the side from Chris’ slap. Despite the fiery pain on her cheek, she was calmer than ever, except for her tightly clenched fists.

Spencer frowned and looked at Charlotte with conflicting emotions.

“Charlotte, I didn’t want to pursue the matter of you lying to me after all the years that we’ve been together, but I now see that I’ve been a fool trying to be nice to you. How could you make up such lies?”

Chris continued to yell at Charlotte, “Sign and leave! If not, I’ll spread all of your disgusting actions to the public.”

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