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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1553

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1553

A Plan Within A Plan

Lupine still hadn’t called, so there was no way of knowing anything from their side.

Feeling anxious, Morgan quickly called them, but nobody was picking up.

Even Charlotte was starting to get worried, her brows furrowing.

The more nervous she felt, the calmer Chris seemed, and he mocked, “You should be thinking about how to beg me. If not, I will kick you and your kids out of the Nacht residence.”

“Shut up!” Charlotte gave him the death stare.

“Being adaptable is a good thing,” Chris said with a cold chuckle. “Just accept your fate.”

Charlotte couldn’t be bothered to continue talking and picked up her teacup again. Despite it being tea of high quality, she couldn’t taste anything.

Frowning, she continued to stare at her watch as she counted the passing seconds. However, Lupine still hadn’t replied by then.

Chris was waiting for his victory to be announced too.

He wasn’t all that confident since he was still paranoid that he had been poisoned. Still, he knew that he had to calm himself down first. Only after winning this round would he get the right to make the decision.

The more time ticked by, the more nervous everyone felt. Even Raina, Bruce, and Morgan were starting to look anxious.

It was the hardest hour that all of them had ever experienced.

All of them wanted the minutes to tick by faster so that they could hear the results as soon as possible, but they also didn’t want to hear an answer they dreaded.

They remained stewing in their nerves and uneasiness until 2:55 p.m.

There were only five minutes left until the results came out.

Charlotte occasionally glanced up at the tightly shut door. Although Spencer and Johaan weren’t here yet, she knew they would arrive soon.

However, Lupine hadn’t updated her yet. She was unable to sit still and was about to call Lupine when her phone started to ring.

It was a call from Lupine.

Morgan called out excitedly, “It’s Lupine! They must have found Mr. Nacht.”

Chris’ expression began to sour, and he glanced at Charlotte’s phone nervously. Could it be true?

Charlotte picked up the call in front of him. “Hey, Lupine. What’s up?”

Chris continued to stare at her phone unblinkingly. It was as if he was trying to hear what was being said.

“Really? That’s amazing!” Charlotte exclaimed in joy. “Quick, bring him over! I’ll get Raina and Bruce from my side to meet you guys!”

After that, she hung up and looked at Raina and Bruce urgently. “Lupine found Zachary! He’s at the foot of the mountain. Quick, go and get them.”


Both Raina and Bruce were overjoyed, especially the former. She seemed completely overwhelmed as she said, “That’s great news! I’ll get an ambulance on the way immediately. Mr. Nacht is probably still not in a good condition. We’ll rush over first.”

Having said that, Bruce and Raina rushed off.

Chris started to panic at his near-victory being snatched away from him. He immediately placed a call to that person, but no one picked up.

“Stop calling. He’s not going to show himself right now,” Charlotte scoffed coldly. “Ever since you told him that we were looking for Zachary and he failed at stopping us, he knew that he’s dead meat. There’s no way he would show up now.”

“You—” Chris stared at Charlotte in shock. “So you purposely revealed all that information to me to draw him out of hiding?”

“Obviously,” Charlotte said and raised her eyebrow. “Soon enough, my brother will take over the Gold family. Jesse wouldn’t be able to deny it even if he wanted to.”

“You—” Chris was panicking now. How did Charlotte know the name of the person behind the scenes? Jesse is really done for this time.

With that in mind, Chris knew he was in deep trouble.

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