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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1551

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1551

You Know It

After mulling over her words, “Zachary” supposed she was right. Now that the identity battle is still ongoing, so there are many variables. Moreover, she is exposed under the light while my side is shrouded in the dark. There is no reason for her to poison me at this point.

Else she will be digging a hole for herself if we are in a situation like this.

So the only possibility left is that person had bribed the doctors and faked the report. Or has the person bribed one of the staff and faked the sample?

I know I’m not poisoned. So the problem lies in the report.

“Don’t tell me you weren’t aware that you have been poisoned?”

Charlotte thought of a question and narrowed her eyes at him.

“Did your body show any unusual signs the past few days? Could there be any symptoms you might have missed? Maybe you were poisoned before you even returned.”

“Zachary’s” body stiffened at her consecutive speculations. His eyes were wide as a saucer with hints of disbelief and dread.

He suddenly realized that person could do that, but he pushed that thought away.

No. No way. It can’t be.

“From my understanding, if one had no obvious symptom from poisoning, that could only mean it was a slow-acting poison. Slow-acting poison requires more than one or two doses. The victim needs to be dosed over a long period-”

Zachary shot to his feet and strode to the restroom quickly before Charlotte could finish.

A smirk curled on Charlotte’s lips as she watched his back.

“Ms. Linberg, why did you say so?” Morgan asked by her ear. “There are slow-acting poisons that take effect slowly and do not require long-term doses. Like the one, Mr. Zachary had-”

“If I don’t put it that way, how do I scare him?” Charlotte countered. “Look at him now. He was so frightened that he must have gone and questioned the person behind him.”

“Right. I have managed to set up mini spy cameras at the lounge.” Morgan covered her mouth with her hand and whispered, “If he contacts that person, we’ll get a clue. And with that, we’ll be able to determine that person’s whereabouts.”

“Excellent work.” Charlotte picked up the teacup and took long, slow sips of her tea.

Bruce and Raina exchanged a glance. The two had mixed feelings about Charlotte. Raina had opened her mouth a few times intending to say something to Charlotte but shut it in the end.

On the other hand, Bruce had remained silent since the beginning.

After a while, “Zachary” came out from the lounge with a hostile expression. His eyes were burning with rage.

He tightened his hold on his phone uneasily.

“The call can’t get through?” Charlotte pointed out after just a glimpse of his side profile. “That person has begun to reject your calls?”

“Zachary” was stunned at Charlotte’s accurate assessment. But he didn’t take the bait and merely stayed silent.

At that moment, awareness passed between them.

“Zachary” was certain that Charlotte knew the truth about him and the presence of a mastermind behind him. But they had to continue with the act.

“This person is truly amazing.” Charlotte sighed, “I had thought it was stupid of that person to have you come back and impersonate your brother-”

“Zachary” was baffled by Charlotte’s right-on-target remark. “You-”

“But then I realized the ingenious plot that person had schemed. One trap after another, so closely linked. That person had calculated every step to the tiniest accuracy.”

Charlotte briefly sipped on her tea before she continued, “The night before my wedding, that person had you sneak into Northridge and set fire. Then, that person added fuel to the fire by spreading all kinds of rumors when the Nacht Group was in chaos.

“There were rumors about how I was back for revenge under my brother’s instruction. How I intentionally hurt Zachary for the assets of the Nacht family and there is also a rumor about my children aren’t his.

“Everything builds up to the big reveal today.”

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