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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1550

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1550


“What’s the result? Let me see.”

“Zachary” began to feel nervous at Charlotte’s reaction. He came up to her and snatched the report from her grip. After a glimpse of the contents, he was bewildered. “How can this be?”

He couldn’t believe what he was reading. There’s poison in my blood?

How is that possible?

Where did it go wrong?

“Mr. Zachary, you must have suffered so much.” Kallum gave “Zachary” a sympathetic look. “Don’t worry. Now that we’re here, we won’t let that cruel woman harm you anymore.”

“No. This can’t be.”

“Zachary” couldn’t fathom how he was poisoned.

He tried to recall that person’s words carefully. Maybe that person had bribed these doctors and faked the report?

“Zachary” lifted his gaze from the report and swept the doctors in the room, then to Spencer and Johann. A nagging doubt crept into his mind.

That shouldn’t be possible with these two there. These two old folks are as crafty as they come. Nothing could escape them if they were the ones who observed the entire process. The doctors are all Henry’s people, so the issue doesn’t lie with the doctors.

There’s no way that person could touch these doctors.

But if so, how do I explain the test results?

“Charlotte, you evil woman! Give Mr. Zachary back all of his assets and shares,” Kallum demanded.

“Shut up!” Charlotte’s temper spiked, feeling restless from the questions in her mind.


“Shut up,” Spencer rasped.

“Give it a break, will you?” Johann added.

Kallum finally kept quiet despite feeling upset.

“Is it possible to know which poison is it from this test?”

Charlotte recollected her thoughts and calmed herself before asking the doctor.

“The test done could only confirm the presence of a poison in his body. It can’t determine the type of poison. We’ll need a more specific toxicology test for that.”

The doctor answered professionally, “Mr. Spencer and Mr. Sterk had already ordered one earlier. My colleagues are running one in the clinic right as we speak. It’ll take some time before the results are out.”

“Understood.” Charlotte nodded at his answer before she questioned again, “Are the DNA test results out yet?”

“Not yet.” The doctor repeated patiently, “We’ll have to wait for another four hours.”

“All right. Got it.” Without any more inquiries, Charlotte turned to Spencer and Johann. “I don’t have anything to say at the moment. Let’s talk once all the results are out.”

“No problem,” Johann agreed.

“I hope I didn’t trust the wrong person.”

Spencer cast a hopeful look at Charlotte.

Charlotte didn’t respond. She sank back down on the sofa and continued sipping her tea.

“We’re going back to observe the procedure. Let’s talk once the results are out.”

Johann spun on his heels and exited the room.

Spencer and the rest trailed behind.

“Keep watch on Mr. Zachary carefully. Don’t let your guard down,” Kallum ordered Bruce and other bodyguards. After a furious glance at Charlotte, he left too.

At that moment, Raina and Bruce had mixed feelings about the entire situation. Yet, they merely stood aside in silence.

After the group had left, the president’s office had returned to pin-drop silence.

“Zachary” was the most restless among those left in the room. He still couldn’t figure out which part of the plan had gone wrong.

Have I really been poisoned? Or was the report fake?

All is good if it is the latter. I have the situation back under my control, and I even gained the upper hand to pressure Charlotte further.

But if it is the former, then…

Uneasiness filled “Zachary” once more as he contemplated it. He lowered his voice and interrogated Charlotte.

“You evil woman! Did you ask someone to poison me? All those so-called acupunctures and herbal baths treatment. They all contained poison, am I right?”

“Use your brain and think carefully.” Charlotte frowned at him. “Why would I poison you? Do you think I’m that stupid to dig a hole for myself?”

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