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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1549

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1549

Test Results

Spencer had sent the kids back after they had their blood taken. He didn’t want them to meet Charlotte and “Zachary”.

The doctor was currently running the tests in the clinic.

Spencer, Johann, and the other three shareholders were waiting for the results on site.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and “Zachary” sat opposite each other in the president’s office, silently waiting for the results.

Despite the silence, the atmosphere was thick with tension.

Success or failure wasn’t the only thing riding on the result. It would determine who gets to stay or leave.

Charlotte was waiting for the test results and news from Lupine.

The news from Lupine was more crucial to her than the test results.

The results were not going to matter much to her if she could find Zachary first.

But the results would be imperative if she couldn’t bring him back in time.

Both sides could only wait patiently. The victor and the loser would be announced after five hours, just like a competition.

Charlotte felt the time was passing so slowly.

She kept scrolling through her phone, checking for updates.

“Zachary” was the same. He hoped the mastermind could give him news about the real Zachary’s death. Then, victory would be his.

There could still be unexpected variables to the situation, so he couldn’t let his guard down.

An hour had passed, but there was still no news from Lupine.

Charlotte couldn’t sit still any longer. She was ready to call Lupine when the door to the office opened.

A subordinate pushed Spencer into the room slowly, with Lucy helping Johann enter the room next, followed by Kallum, Mr. Martin, Mr. Reeves, and the rest. Even Raina, Bruce, and the doctors were present.

They all had solemn expressions on their faces.

The tension within the room thickened further.

Charlotte was puzzled. Only an hour had passed, the DNA result wasn’t out yet, but the result of “Zachary’s” blood test should be.

I know he is not poisoned. That must be why I’m feeling guilty.

But why were they acting so strange?

“Zachary” was getting anxious; then, he inquired cautiously, “Is something wrong?”

“Your blood test results are out,” Lucy answered.

Before the doctor could announce the result, Kallum shrieked, “Charlotte, you’re one cruel woman. How could you poison Mr. Zachary?”

Both Charlotte and “Zachary” were surprised at his exclamation. They instinctively turned to each other and noticed the surprise on their faces.

They were aware that “Zachary” wasn’t poisoned. So why did Kallum say that?

“What?” Morgan recollected herself and asked, “You’re saying his test results showed that he’s…”

She paused briefly and pointed at “Zachary”. “Poisoned?” she wondered out loud.

“Everyone, look at this.” Kallum was getting more worked up. “A mere subordinate dared to point at Mr. Zachary. How badly has the Lindbergs been threatening him?”

“I didn’t…”

“Shut up!” Charlotte hissed.

Morgan cut her argument off and inched back in silent.

“My apologies. I didn’t train my subordinates well,” Charlotte apologized. After a quick look at Spencer and Johann, she asked, “Doctor, you were saying his test results were out.”

“Right.” The doctor handed the test report to Charlotte. “This is the report of the blood test we ran.”

Reaching for the paper, Charlotte was baffled as she read the report.

The report indicated all indexes were out of the normal range and that meant that he had been poisoned.

Charlotte’s eyes were wide as a saucer. She cast a look of disbelief at “Zachary”. There were numerous questions flashing through her mind.

What’s going on?

Could he be the real Zachary?

Have I made a mistake?

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