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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1546

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1546

DNA Test

Everyone had finally calmed down. Presently, the person who possessed the highest authority here was Johann.

He had prestige and was impartial in his dealings, so everyone was willing to listen to him.

“Let’s not believe in the rumors and talk it out. We’ll verify the truth in the end.”

He pressed a hand to his chest as though he could relievethe slight discomfort in his heart while talking. His gaze was focused on Charlotte, waiting for her to give a reasonable explanation.

Before Charlotte could respond, “Zachary” spoke first. “Since the hospital staff is almost here to conduct my blood test, they could also conduct a paternity test.”

A chorus of agreement sounded from the group. “That’s right. I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ll apologize if the test result was normal. However, if there’s some abnormality, then…”

“Then, you return all the assets and shares to Mr. Zachary, and remove yourself from the Nacht family,” Kallum demanded.

“He’s right, leave the Nacht family!”

“Leave the Nacht family!”

Under Kallum’s lead, everyone started repeating after him.

Charlotte merely looked at “Zachary” with a blank face. “Zachary” didn’t oppose Kallum’s suggestion and even met her gaze defiantly.

Charlotte couldn’t suppress her anger any longer and slapped him. A loud slap echoed against the walls of the room. The noisy room a minute ago fell silent.

“Zachary” was frozen in place from the shock. He never had expected that Charlotte would lay a hand on him.

I’m Zachary Nacht!


Everyone was taken aback by Charlotte’s actions.

“This crazy woman!”

Kallum and a few young directors rushed over to Charlotte, wanting to pay her back for her actions.

But Morgan and a couple of bodyguards immediately stepped up to stop them.

Instantly, the conference room was a huge mess again.

Charlotte was like an angry lioness trying to protect her cubs. The anger in her eyes was ablaze. She clenched her hands into balls of fists to suppress her strong urge to choke “Zachary” at that moment.

She could calmly deal with any other despicable and shameless means they throw at her, but she couldn’t allow them to insult her babies.

“Enough! Stop fighting!” Johann shouted, trying to calm everyone again. But it didn’t seem to improve the situation.

Suddenly, the door to the conference room opened, revealing a bodyguard pushing Spencer into the room.

“Mr. Spencer!”

Another man who could judge unbiasedly was here. The fight earlier was halted as the group of people dashed to encircle Spencer.

“Mr. Spencer, it’s great that you’re here!”

“Mr. Spencer, do you need a rundown of the entire situation? Mr. Zachary suspects the children aren’t his, so he wants a DNA test.”

“Mr. Spencer, someone suspects Charlotte poisoned Mr. Zachary, resulting in his declining health. Hence, we have already called the Serene Hospital to send some of their staff over.”

“I know.” Spencer gestured for them to keep silent as he continued, “I was well informed about the entire situation on my way here…”


“My opinion is…” Spencer paused as his gaze flitted between “Zachary” and Charlotte. “Both blood and DNA tests should be conducted.”

Charlotte’s heart lurched. It was at that moment she knew she had miscalculated.

Even though she had attained Spencer’s and Johann’s trust, she had overlooked that they would be cautious about the children’s lineage.

Furthermore, they were clueless about this “Zachary” being a fake.

They wouldn’t buy her words at this juncture.

It really was an oversight on her part.

“The staff from the Serene Hospital are almost here.” Spencer added, “The five of us, Johann, Kallum, Mr. Martin, Mr. Reeves, and I will accompany Zachary to do the test while the others stay here.”

“Right. We’ll do what you say, Mr. Spencer.”

Everyone nodded with agreement.

“Do you agree, Mrs. Nacht?” Spencer turned to Charlotte.

“Will my objection even be acknowledged at this point?” Charlotte gave Spencer a bitter smile.

“I believe in you, but…” Spencer averted his gaze and went on, “any lineage-related matter of the Nacht family is imperative. I just can’t let Henry down.”

“A DNA test was run before under Mr. Henry’s instructions when he was still around,” Charlotte complained. “You were a witness then, remember?”

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