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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1522

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1522

Doing This On Purpose

“If I said yes, then it means yes!” Charlotte roared. “If he can hurt you, that means he’ll do the same to himself! Why didn’t you think about the possibility of him hurting himself? If he does this again, pin him down and tie him up! Do you hear me?”

The others hurriedly nodded.

“You’re right,” Bruce said with a gasp. “I have to see him now!”

“You don’t have to,” Charlotte stopped him. “I’ll go on my own. Treat your wounds and console that injured maid first.”

“Of course.” Bruce then quickly went to carry out her instructions.

When Charlotte strode up the stairs, Lupine hastily caught up to her and asked, “Ms. Lindberg, will it be dangerous?”

“Don’t worry. He’s no match for me,” Charlotte replied.

She had tested it out earlier in the day in the bathroom. That man was not good at fighting at all, but he was a man, so he was physically stronger than her. Furthermore, he was shameless. Hence, she still had to be cautious.

Arriving at the room, and just as she was about to push the door open, an ashtray came flying at her. Charlotte nimbly stepped to the side and dodged it.

After crashing against the wall in the corridor, the ashtray dropped to the floor with a loud thud.

“What in the world is wrong with you?”

Charlotte raised her head to look at “Zachary” in the room.

The man’s hair was damp, and he was wearing a bathrobe. At that moment, he was gloomily sitting on the couch, glaring at her.

Evidently, he was fuming over what had happened in the day.

He had not eaten anything for the entire day, and he had been forced to soak in a herbal bath for an hour. After that, he was tied up on his bed and was stuck full of needles.

The entire Northridge had heard his screams. It was as though he was getting slaughtered.

The agony in those screams had brought tears to Hanna’s eyes and made Bruce’s heart tighten with worry.

After his acupuncture session, he had passed out on his bed. But half an hour ago, he had woken up and begun throwing things around.

It was then he had accidentally hurt the maid. When Bruce came into the room to stop him, he had hurt Bruce as well.

He had just gotten rid of Bruce, but someone else had entered the room a moment later. As he threw an ashtray at the intruder, he wondered which fearless soul was there to annoy him further.

A beat later, he realized it was Charlotte.

“If you’re sick, then you should be treated. This treatment plan was of your own choice too. Now that it’s a little tough, you’re losing your temper?” Charlotte folded her arms as she berated him, frustrated. “The last treatment you underwent was way tougher than this, but you didn’t even kick up a fuss. Why are you so grumpy now?”

“Zachary” continued to glare at her, fire about to spurt out of his eyes. However, he tamped down his fury and took in a deep breath before squeezing out, “I don’t want to be treated anymore!”

“You don’t want to be treated anymore? How are you going to get better without the treatment?” Charlotte questioned. “The Nacht family’s future rests on your shoulders, and yet you’re still throwing a tantrum at a time like this?”

“This treatment is useless! The more I do it, the more uncomfortable I feel.”

“Zachary” was frustrated as he loosened his bathrobe and spread his arms. Then, in an agitated tone, he said, “Look at me! Look! My skin’s all burnt, and I’m covered with needle holes. I was in a way better state before the treatment!”

The more he said, the hoarser his voice became, and he even started choking on his words as his lips trembled. This isn’t something anyone should undergo!

“Of course I know how difficult this is.” Charlotte sighed. “I was on the brink of death when Zara poisoned me back then. This treatment was similar to mine. In fact, you’re using the same treatment as I did in the past.”

“You’re doing this on purpose!” fake Zachary blurted out.

“What do you mean?” Charlotte bellowed as she furrowed her brows. “Zachary, you and I are married. Why are you still saying these things to me? Yes, the Nacht family has wronged me. I hated you, and I took revenge on you. However, those are all in the past. Didn’t we agree to face the future together?”

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