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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1521

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1521

Tie Him Up

“That’s right. We will play along and turn the table on them.” Twirling the phone in her hand, Charlotte smiled wryly. “I never knew that I am capable of plotting and scheming. It seems that when in desperation, people can be forced to step up to the plate.”

“As of now, the future of both the Lindberg and Nacht families are in your hands,” Lupine lamented. “Although Mr. Lindberg is protecting you from behind the scenes, he is still restrained by the fact that he can’t show himself. The situation at the Nacht family is even worse, whereby they are entirely relying on you to lead them. You have to stay strong.”

“I wonder where he has gone to.” When the thought of Zachary flashed across her mind, Charlotte became dejected. “Somehow, I can feel that he isn’t dead.”

“Mr. Nacht will be fine. I’m sure he’ll return after a while,” Lupine consoled softly.

“No, wait…” Charlotte had a sudden epiphany. “Since the impostor appeared at the crucial moment to take Zachary’s place, they must have planned it long ago. In that case, they might have been involved in the fire and possibly know where Zachary is.”

“You’re right.” It dawned on Lupine. “If that’s the case, should we capture the impostor and question him about Mr. Nacht’s whereabouts?”

“I’m afraid it’s not going to be that easy.” Knitting her eyebrows, Charlotte reminded herself. “We have to stay calm and take one step at a time.”

“However, considering Mr. Nacht’s health, I’m worried that we are running out of time,” Lupine said with concern. “We’d better do it as soon as possible.”

“Yes, I know that.” Although Charlotte was overwhelmed with anxiety, she clenched her fists and repeatedly reminded herself. “No matter what, I can’t act hastily. Calm down and think…”

On the way home, she felt as if she was being tormented. Her fears further intensified when she realized Zachary’s disappearance had something to do with Jesse and the impostor.

At that moment, she was extremely concerned about Zachary’s safety. Still, she knew she had to bide her time and not act rashly.

After all, her enemies were hidden in the shadows. In the event of a mistake, she would lose Zachary forever.

The atmosphere at home was imbued with tension, and everyone’s face seemed strained.

It was not until Charlotte alighted from the car did the atmosphere lighten slightly. At the sight of her, Hanna hurried forward and said, “Mrs. Nacht, you’re finally back.”

“Did something happen?” Charlotte could sense that something was amiss.

“Mr. Nacht threw a tantrum and smashed a lot of things. He even hurt someone,” Hanna reported anxiously. “Only when Bruce returned did he stop. But he has locked himself up in his room and refuses to see anyone.”

“Who did he hurt? Is it serious?” Charlotte asked with a frown.

“It was one of the maids. She has a cut on the forehead and lost quite a lot of blood. Dr. Langhan has treated her wound, so it isn’t much of an issue. Still, everyone is terrified.”

Hanna softly explained, “Mrs. Nacht, you should go in and calm him down. Perhaps, he is thrown into a foul mood due to how excruciatingly painful the treatment is.”

“No matter how painful it is, it isn’t right for him to hurt anyone.” Charlotte knitted her brows tightly. “When he went through the same treatment previously, he didn’t behave this way at all.”


“Ms. Lindberg.” At that moment, Bruce came down from upstairs. “I’m glad you’ve returned. Mr. Nacht’s temper is still flaring, so you should check on him now.”

Charlotte was infuriated when she saw the wound on his head. “Did he hit you?”

“That’s not important.” Bruce lowered his head. “His emotions are unstable now, and he refuses to listen to me no matter how hard I tried to persuade him. I’m afraid only you can handle him.”

“Everyone, listen to me,” Charlotte ordered. “If he lays a finger on any of you, restrain him and tie him up. Do not tolerate this bad habit of his.”

Everyone was stunned by her instructions and exchanged glances. Yet, no one dared to say a word.

“Ms. Lindberg, we can’t do that.” Bruce hastened to stop her. “Mr. Nacht is the head of the household, which gives him the right to lay a finger on us. We can’t disrespect him!”

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