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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1520

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1520


Later on, Charlotte arrived at the police station to assist in their investigations, where she had her statement taken the entire night.

Given how grave the case was, the police regarded it seriously. Consequently, they had begun their investigations that day and called up everyone related to the incident to record their statement.

So far, the evidence and leads were unfavorable to Charlotte. Nonetheless, she maintained her cool and cooperated however she could. By the time she was allowed to leave the police station with Lupine, it was already late at night.

Just when she was about to get in her car, she saw the Gold family’s car approach.

Due to her frequent interactions with Zachary before that incident, Nancy was also summoned by the police.

Since she was busy, it was not until then did she have the time to come in. At the same time, she probably never expected to run into Charlotte at such an hour.

The moment their cars passed by each other, both of them came to a stop.

Then, their windows were lowered, revealing two pretty faces staring at each other.

“Charlotte, if you’ve committed a crime, you’d better own up to it. There’s no way you can remain at large.” Nancy stared at Charlotte coldly.

“Ms. Gold, you should tell that to your father.”

Charlotte gave her a thoughtful look.

“What do you mean by that?” Nancy’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Ignoring her, Charlotte rolled up her window and had the driver drive away.

As for Nancy, she was unsettled by the comment. With her eyebrows furrowed, she remarked anxiously, “What did Charlotte mean by that sentence? Could it be that this has something to do with my dad?”

“That’s impossible,” her subordinate reassured her at once. “Mr. Gold has always encouraged you to befriend Mr. Nacht. Why would he harm him? Moreover, the Nacht residence is secured like a fortress. Who else is capable of doing so other than their own men?”

Nancy did not respond. Her brows remained creased as she mulled over the situation.

In the car, Lupine asked nervously, “Ms. Lindberg, why did you say those things to Nancy? Aren’t you worried about alerting the mastermind?”

“Jesse probably knew early on that I would see through the impostor,” Charlotte remarked frostily. “If Nancy tells him about it, it would serve as a form of intimidation. If not, she would re-evaluate her perception of the entire matter.”

“Wouldn’t she choose to protect her father?” Lupine guessed.

“I, too, would like to know whose side will she be on,” Charlotte commented as she narrowed her eyes.

“She will probably side with her father.” Lupine firmly believed in that possibility. “After all, it isn’t just about their familial relationship. It also involves both her interests and future.”

“Even though it might seem that way on the surface, I somehow still feel that there was some hidden meaning behind Zachary’s words,” Charlotte added thoughtfully. “Maybe he wanted to hint something to me.”

“Would Nancy really betray her family for Mr. Nacht?” Lupine found it unbelievable. “I think it’s highly improbable. After all, Mr. Nacht didn’t promise her anything.”

“That’s true.” Charlotte heaved a sigh. “We’ll see. Just see this as an attempt to sound them out.”

“Mmm-hmm.” Lupine did not press on. Instead, she changed the topic. “What about the board meeting tomorrow? Are you really bringing that impostor along with you?”

“Yes, I must,” Charlotte affirmed. “Since the board of directors forced me to bring him over, I’ll do as they wish. Or else, they would continue to suspect me of confining him.”

“However, will he stand on your side then?” Lupine was puzzled. “What if he stands in opposition to you in the board meeting?”

“It’s still too early for him to take action.” Charlotte smirked. “After all, the stock and assets have been transferred under my name. If he angers me now, how is he going to take them from me? Even if he wants to attack me with the directors’ help, he will need time to prepare. Therefore, he will not strike until he’s ready.”

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