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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1513

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1513


If there really were someone who looked exactly like Zachary, then all their deductions would be valid.

However, no one dared to say with certainty that such a doppelganger existed.

Ultimately, deep down in everyone’s hearts, they wished that Zachary could survive.

“Her condition is quite complicated. If we intend to help her as soon as possible, I suggest we tackle the source of her trauma,” the psychologist proposed.

“The source…” Knitting her brows, Charlotte fell into deep thought.

“Ms. Lindberg, Ms. Lindberg!”

Charlotte was only brought to her senses after Raina called her a few times.

“Ellie’s condition is rather complex. If we can’t find the cause, she’ll have no choice but to go through therapy gradually. As a result, it might take some time,” Raina explained softly.

“I understand.” Charlotte nodded. “I’ll go accompany Ellie. Thank you for your time.”

After staying with Ellie for a while, Charlotte went to visit Ben before leaving with a heavy heart.

Now that I’ve settled the children down in Mr. Spencer’s place and the hospital’s security has been reinforced, the first thing I have to do now is to verify the person’s identity and determine if he’s Zachary. If he isn’t Zachary, I’ll have to expose him as soon as possible and nip his plan in the bud. But if he turns out to be Zachary, then I’ll have to change my approach entirely…

Suddenly, Lucy’s call disrupted her train of thought. She told Charlotte that another wave of rumors was spreading like wildfire. That time around, they claimed that she was planning to confine Zachary at home and usurp his position since her plans of mariticide had failed.

When the board of directors heard the rumors, they panicked and demanded to see Zachary.

Before Charlotte could react, she received a call from Johann, which she quickly accepted. “Mr. Sterk!”

“Charlotte, has Lucy given you a call? The situation is grave. Despite our best efforts to quell it, chaos has resurfaced again. All the board members called me early in the morning and insisted on meeting Mr. Nacht. If they don’t get to see him, they will start taking countermeasures.”

Johann suggested anxiously, “Given the pressing situation, Spencer and I can’t hold them back, neither can you. The way I see it, you’d better discuss it with Mr. Nacht and get him to show up.”

“I understand.”

Charlotte’s brows were tightly knitted. Considering the dire circumstances, she would be in big trouble if “Zachary” would not align himself with her.

“Charlotte, I know Mr. Nacht isn’t in good shape, but this is a special situation. No matter what, we need him to speak to them, however short it is,” Johann voiced again.

“All right. I’ll discuss this with him when I’m back, and I’ll call you in the evening.”

“Sure. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.”

Having ended the call, Charlotte instructed, “Let’s head home.”

“Yes, Ms. Lindberg.”

Their car drove toward Northridge.

Lupine shot Charlotte a worried look. “Ms. Lindberg, what should we do now?”

She was cognizant of how tricky the situation was. The board of directors was waiting for Zachary to show himself, but the Zachary they had at their home could be an impostor.

If Charlotte were to expose him, it would only fuel the rumors further. By then, the public would not believe her words but instead, accuse her of coming up with another scheme to seize the Nacht family’s assets after failing to murder Zachary. What ensued from that would probably be a barrage of even scarier controversies.

However, if she decided not to reveal the impostor, she would be falling into his trap.

In short, Charlotte was trapped between a rock and a hard place.

“I’ve been thinking of this. If that man is an impostor, he would’ve been busted in less than twenty-four hours. So where did he get the courage to set up such an elaborate plot to challenge me?”

With furrowed eyebrows and an inscrutable expression, she remarked, “But now, I finally understand why he isn’t concerned about being exposed at all. That’s because he knows that even if I do so, the public might not believe me. Instead, I would fall deeper into the controversy that’s brewing.”

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