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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1509

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1509

Out Of Control

There was something unique between Charlotte and the boy. They could understand what they were trying to convey without saying it directly.

After ending the call, Robinson tilted his head aside and looked at three little girls and the miserable-looking Zachary. Yet, he did not step in to ease the situation.

One of the girls shrieked, “You’re so fierce, Uncle Zachary!”

“You’re not nice anymore!”

“I don’t like you!”

“I don’t like you too!”

“I’ll tell Aunt Charlotte you bully us!”

“I’ll tell my Daddy about it!”

“Yeah, and I’ll tell Mommy about it!”

The three girls started crying after voicing out their frustration.

Zachary kept his eyes shut and took in a deep breath. He calmed himself down and said in a gentle voice, “Fine. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have screamed at you. I just don’t like people crawling all over me and grabbing my hair.”

“You’ve never treated us like this in the past when we did this to you.” Alpha pouted with a frown.

“In the past, you would bend down and allow us to sit on your shoulders. You would remind us to grab tightly to your hair, ears, and collars because you were afraid that we would fall. And you would never yell at us!” Beta exclaimed with teary eyes.

“Today, you shouted at us and threatened to spank us. My Daddy is also a very fierce man, but he has never spoken to us like this before!”

“Yeah! Our Daddy has never hit us before!” Gamma clenched her fists. “We shouldn’t have asked Daddy and Mommy to rescue you! You’re a bad guy. Bad guy!”

Zachary’s mouth twitched. Her remark had rendered him speechless.

“Daddy, I must say it’s your fault this time,” even Jamie could not help but chime in. “You used to like them very much and would never get mad at them. What’s wrong with you today?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Robinson looked at Zachary. “If I didn’t stop you in time, you would have spanked them, wouldn’t you? But they’re Uncle Dan’s daughters. How could you do this to them when Uncle Dan has never punished them like this? Uncle Dan will come after you if you dare to lay your fingers on his kids.”

Zachary shut his eyes as if he was trying to regain his composure. He grabbed the corner of his shirt and tried to calm himself down.

“Are you okay, Daddy?” Jamison asked when he noticed how tortured Zachary looked. “You’ve never hit a kid before. Were you mad because you’re not feeling well recently?”

“I guess so.” Zachary tried to relax. He lifted his head to look at Jamison. “I can’t control my emotions because I’m sick…”

“Don’t worry, Daddy.” Jamison extended his arms and embraced Zachary. “Mommy will find the doctor who can help you recover. You’ll feel better soon.”

Upon hearing what Jamison had said, Robinson went deep into thought.

He recalled patients would often experience emotional instability, and such a condition was beyond their control.

Daddy has experienced memory loss before. I suppose his condition had become worse after the fire? He might have forgotten how he had interacted with the girls in the past.

Probably this is also why he thought Jamie’s snot was disgusting?

Or maybe he behaves like this just because he’s sick and tired?

“Thanks, Jamie.” Zachary patted Jamison’s back and apologized, “I’m so sorry. I haven’t been feeling well lately. You must be disappointed with how I acted, right? But don’t worry. Once I recover from the illness, I’ll spend time with you and play with all of you.”

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