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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1507

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1507

Mutual Trust

Charlotte and Lupine then went to meet Spencer. Without any hesitation, Charlotte said, “I need you to take care of the children for a while.”

Spencer froze for a bit and nodded right away. “Sure, no problem. When should I pick them up?”

“Now.” Charlotte looked at her watch and reminded, “Go and visit Zachary and bring all five kids back. Tell him he needs to recuperate in peace, and you don’t want the kids to disturb him.”

“Is he fine with the arrangement?” Spencer asked.

“I’m sure he’ll be more than happy.” A corner of Charlotte’s mouth quirked up.

Looking at how disgusted he was with Jamie’s snot, I’m sure the three little girls will drive him mad. I’m pretty sure that man would be pleased if Spencer takes the kids away.

“Happy?” Spencer got confused. “But he loves his kids so much. He also enjoys spending time with your brother’s kids, doesn’t he?”

“That’s why I don’t want the kids to see how sick he is right now.” Charlotte made up an excuse, as she did not want to reveal too much to Spencer.

She further explained, “Zachary has always enjoyed being alone, and kids being noisy all the time would give him a headache. Besides, he’s not feeling well. He wouldn’t want the kids to see how weak he is now.”

Upon hearing that, Spencer’s eyes reddened, and he could not help but let out a sigh. “You’re right. I’ll pick the kids up right now. You could have just called me instead of making this trip. I understand how busy and tired you are since you’re totally in charge of the family and company now.”

“I just want to come and explain to you personally to avoid any misunderstanding.” Charlotte then asked gently, “Do you trust me, Mr. Spencer?”

That question rendered Spencer speechless. “The Nacht family depends on you. If I don’t trust you, who else can I trust?”

“Great.” Charlotte needed that assurance. “No matter what happens, I need you to trust me. Please protect the kids during this period, and don’t worry about the rest.”

“What do you mean?” Spencer panicked. “You mean something bad is going to happen?”

“I’m afraid so.” Charlotte sighed. “Look at all the rumors about me, and I believe this is just the beginning.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “But don’t you worry. I’ll take care of everything. Besides, my brother’s men are here to help me. With their help, I’m sure I can overcome the challenges ahead.”

“So you did hire the man named Gordon to help you?” Spencer was pleased to know that. Initially, he had doubts about Gordon, but he was now relieved that Charlotte took the initiative to clarify the matter.

She’s doing it for the Nacht family too.

“Don’t worry, Charlotte. I trust you,” Spencer said in a steady voice. “No matter what happens, I’m with you.”

“Thank you.” Charlotte nodded and was ready to leave. “I’ll also station Cain and Kyle here to protect the children’s safety. I need to rush to the hospital now. Please bring the kids back as soon as possible.”

“Okay. I’ll see to it right now.” After sending Charlotte off, Spencer immediately made the necessary arrangement to pick the children up himself.

“Why do I feel like Ms. Lindberg was insinuating something?” One of Spencer’s subordinates wondered. “So many things happened lately, and even the cops suspect her. Do you really still trust her?”

“To be honest, I had my doubts before she came. But now, yes, I trust her wholeheartedly,” Spencer said. “She wouldn’t have entrusted her children and her brother’s kids to me if she’s trying to play dirty.”

“That’s true.” The subordinate nodded. “She also decided to send Cain and Kyle over instead of people from the Lindberg family. I suppose she trusts you too.”

“So, you see, how can I not trust her when she trusts me first?” Spencer got choked a little. “I can’t assume the worst of her anymore.”

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