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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1501

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1501


At that thought, Charlotte could feel her heart aching terribly for him. Holding Zachary’s hand, she consoled, “It’s fine, Hubby. I’m already thinking of a way to find Francesco. You’ll be fine soon…”

The man did not reply, merely holding her hand tightly and stroking the back of her palm gently with his thumb.

There seemed to be something weighing on his mind.

“Hubby, where have you been for the past few days? What happened? Can you tell me?” she asked uneasily.

“I don’t know either…” Zachary rubbed his temples and explained tiredly, “When I was sleeping that night, I felt that the house was on fire. Then, someone barged in, and I fainted. When I regained consciousness, I saw you in the hospital.”

“I see…”

His answer confused Charlotte. It was so vague that she learned nothing new from it.

“What exactly happened?” he asked in return. “Why did the police say that you’re involved in this case? Where’s Ben?”

“Hubby, this is what happened…”

Charlotte told him all the details of that night. However, as she did not want him to feel pressured, she did not tell him anything that happened after that.

In the end, she added, “Ben was shot and is still in a deep coma. However, he’s not in critical condition, so don’t worry. Ellie isn’t severely injured, but she’s so traumatized that she locked herself up and refused to talk to anyone…”

“Why did that happen? Have you found her a doctor?” asked Zachary worriedly.

“Yeah. Raina arranged for a child psychologist to check up on Ellie. We also invited Dr. Wright to treat Ben…”

“That’s good. They’ll definitely recover after receiving treatment,” he said, but his questions did not stop there. “Why did someone barge into our house? Who are those men in black? What did the investigation reveal?”

For some inexplicable reason, Charlotte felt that something was amiss.

Although Ben is Zachary’s subordinate, they are as close as brothers. Yet, even after knowing that Ben was shot and is in a coma, he dismissed it lightly. It’s the same for Ellie too. Zachary has always doted on the children, especially Ellie. He did appear anxious upon realizing that she was unwell, but… There’s something seriously weird about this.

However, she could not put her finger on what exactly was strange.

Charlotte felt like something was weighing down on her—a strange and uncomfortable feeling.

“What’s wrong?” Zachary held her hand.

“I’m wondering who those men in black are,” she replied, evading the question. “Why did they start a fire at Southridge the night before our wedding? The security at your place is so strict. How did they sneak in?”

“I find it weird too…” Zachary frowned. “I’m afraid that we’ll only know the truth after Ben wakes up.”

When Charlotte heard this, her doubts started to fade. This does seem like Zachary’s train of thought. He always identifies and realizes the critical parts of a problem quickly…

“Let’s leave this to the police.” Then, she changed the topic of conversation. “Your health is our utmost priority. How are you feeling now?”

“These are just some superficial injuries. It’s nothing major,” Zachary blurted. After saying so, he quickly added, “As for my old illness, it can’t be cured so quickly, anyway. It’s already fortunate that I’m still alive now.”

Nothing was wrong with his statement.

Only those in the family knew about Zachary’s terminal illness—outsiders knew nothing about it.

His reaction was very normal.

Charlotte suddenly felt that she was being too skeptical. Perhaps, he didn’t make any further comments because he believed that Ben and Ellie would definitely recover. Or maybe his reaction is slower because of his condition. I’m probably overthinking…

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