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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1488

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1488

Evil Woman

“All right.” Charlotte nodded. “Robbie, Jamie, I’ll leave Ellie with you guys.”

“Okay.” The boys nodded as well. “Don’t worry, Mommy. We’ll take good care of Ellie.”

Charlotte embraced her two children lovingly before leaving with Morgan and the rest.

She had to deal with many matters at the corporation that day, so she could not afford to waste any more time. Besides, she had to press the police for an update. It had been four days since Zachary’s disappearance, but there was still no news about him. On top of that, the nightmare she had from the night before made her feel extremely unsettled.

Charlotte had a lot on her plate, be it the company or her family. Everything was dependent on her.

She was as busy as a bee every day, but the tasks seemed to be endless.

Even in the car, she had to go through documents.

Suddenly, the car came to an abrupt halt. Morgan yelled, “Do they have a death wish or something?”

“It looks like Ms. Gold’s car.” Emma, sitting in the front passenger seat, remarked.

At her utterance, Charlotte raised her head and looked ahead. Indeed, Nancy’s car was blocking the way, and she seemed furious.

“She’s crazy! What is she trying do?”

Morgan’s hot temper remained the same. Nothing about her changed.

At that moment, Nancy came out of her car, strode toward them, and knocked on the window.

Charlotte pressed on the window switch. As the window lowered, she looked at her glacially.

“Charlotte, you’ll suffer retribution for what you’ve done.” Nancy forced out those words through gritted teeth. “You are thoroughly black-hearted!”

“What are you talking about?” Charlotte knitted her eyebrows.

“You’re still pretending, huh?” Nancy sneered as she stared her down. “Never mind. Your true colors will be exposed soon enough. Just you wait!”

After shooting her a nasty look, she turned and stormed off.

“She’s crazy,” Morgan spat. “What the heck was she even talking about?”

“Ignore her. Let’s go.” Charlotte did not want to delay further.

“Okay.” Morgan started the engine and drove off.

As the car continued to head toward the company, Charlotte had her head lowered, focused on reading the documents. Yet, an inexplicable sense of dread crept into her heart as she recalled Nancy’s words.

That can’t be right. Although Nancy dislikes me, she’s not the kind of person that will make baseless accusations. What did she mean earlier? Is there a reason behind her outburst?

At that thought, she immediately took out her phone, planning to ask someone to investigate the matter. Coincidently, Lucy called her.

“Ms. Lindberg, something bad has happened. Please check out the news now.”

“What news?”

While replying to her through the Bluetooth earpiece, Charlotte checked the messages on the tablet in which she saw the plethora of links sent by Lucy. The moment she opened them, her face turned pale.

Evil Woman Killed Her Ex For Money.

Fallen Heiress Took Revenge On Her Ex—Arson And Homicide.

Only By Being Ruthless Can Women Secure Their Position.

There was a multitude of weirdly worded headlines, which seemed to be insinuating something.

Charlotte clicked in and found that the contents were all directed toward her.

Some said that she burned down the Nacht residence and killed Zachary right before their wedding ceremony because she coveted the assets of the Nacht family.

Others claimed that she returned to take revenge on the Nacht family, so she seduced Zachary only to kill him afterward.

Some even suggested that she conspired with her lover to kill Zachary. As of then, she had seized the assets of the Nacht family and even became the new president of Nacht Group.

In short, there was a variety of rumors, and all of them suggested that Charlotte killed Zachary for the assets of the Nacht family.

Some even provided evidence, analyzing the incident as if they knew the truth.

The photo of Charlotte and Michael was even released, claiming that he was her lover.

Charlotte frowned. Everything was fine yesterday, but today, all hell is breaking loose. Who’s the one responsible for this?

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