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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1484

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1484

Little Savior

“Did Charlotte take over Nacht Group?” Danrique queried.

“Yes,” came Lupine’s honest reply. “Before that incident, Mr. Nacht had transferred his shares and assets to Ms. Lindberg and the children. He even introduced her to the shareholders and upper management of Divine Corporation ahead of time. After he went missing, the headquarter had tried to find fault with her. There was a board meeting this afternoon to put her in a tight spot, but Ms. Lindberg dealt with it easily. Now, everyone has agreed to work together to get through this.”

“Are the children all right?” Danrique asked. This was his third question.

“Ellie got hurt. Jamie and Robbie were scared out of their wits. They aren’t doing well after what happened in their house, but the girls are fine. They were in Northridge with us when that incident happened.”

“Okay,” Danrique answered. “If there’s a crisis, contact Sean.”

“Mr. Lindberg—” Before Lupine could say anything further, Danrique had already hung up.

With her phone in her palm, Lupine felt excited. At least Mr. Lindberg is still alive. He’s also concerned about Ms. Lindberg. But what does his last order mean?

“If there’s a crisis, contact Sean,” she repeated to herself.

That means we shouldn’t bother him if there isn’t a crisis. If it’s a serious issue, contact Sean. That must be it!

At once, Lupine felt more confident. Though Mr. Lindberg hasn’t taken action yet, at least he is on her side. If Ms. Lindberg is in trouble, he’ll definitely take action.

She beamed, her fear all gone.

However, Lupine had no idea what had happened ten minutes earlier in the playroom.

The three girls huddled together and shone their flashlights on a smartwatch before dialing a number with much difficulty.

“Are you sure we can find Mommy?”

“Before she left, she said we can call this number if we run into trouble.”

“But we aren’t in trouble.”

“Aunt Charlotte is in trouble. We need to protect her!”

“You’re right.”

Ring, ring…

They waited anxiously for the call to be answered.

Alpha said, “We didn’t call her when we missed her. Will she pick up?”

“Mommy said we can’t call her even if we miss her or cry. We can only call her when we’re in trouble.”

“Why isn’t she picking up?”

“Hello?” Suddenly, a cold voice answered the call.

“Uh…” The children were stunned.

“Who is this?”

“It sounds like…”

“Scary Daddy?”

“What’s wrong, girls?” A hint of warmth crept into the stern voice.

“Are you our daddy?”

“Of course!”

“Can you prove it?”

“When your mommy gets mad, she’ll act like a lion and call you by your full name—Adolpha Lindberg, Bethany Lindberg, and Gamarra Lindberg.”

“Oh, it really is our daddy!”

“Daddy, it’s me, Alpha!”

“I’m Beta!”

“I’m Gamma!”

“Did Mommy leave this number to you?” Danrique asked.

No one else knows this number, not even Charlotte. She’s the only exception.

“Yep. Before Mommy left, she said we can call this number if we run into trouble…”

“What happened? What trouble did you run into?” Danrique quickly asked.

“We’re fine. It’s Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Zachary who ran into trouble. And also Ellie…”

The children explained what happened slowly. In the end, they implored, “Daddy, can you please help Aunt Charlotte? We feel sad for her. Can you help her find Uncle Zachary?”

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