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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1477

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1477

Who Else

“Kallum, Danrique and Ms. Lindberg are different beings. You can’t compare them,” Spencer said calmly. “Now, she’s Mrs. Nacht, Mr. Zachary’s wife!”

“So what?” Kallum refused to listen to him. “There are plenty of women in history who have killed their husbands to get their husbands’ wealth!”

As soon as he said that, the air in the room tensed up.

The shareholders stared at Charlotte and Kallum fearfully.

With her gaze lowered, Charlotte sipped on her tea without bothering to respond.

Johann broke into a cold sweat. I can’t believe Kallum is that arrogant to defame Charlotte!

However, he wasn’t in the right position to speak up for Charlotte. Thus, he had to remain silent as his heart leaped to his throat.

“Kallum, don’t go overboard!” Spencer retorted. “Ms. Lindberg is married to Mr. Zachary. How could you disrespect her? Do you even respect Mr. Zachary?”

“Spencer, you’re too old to be aware of how dangerous the corporate world is,” Kallum replied with a frown. “Look at you, trembling in your seat. You should head home and rest. Stop butting into my business.”

“Hey!” Spencer went wordless with rage.

However, Kallum didn’t even spare him another glance.

The other board members advised, “Mr. Kallum, let’s return to the topic. You can’t be rude to Mr. Spencer.”

“I was just concerned about his health,” came Kallum’s answer.

“Kallum Nacht, right?” Charlotte finally spoke. “You’re the CEO of Nacht Group’s company based in M Nation. As you’re three generations apart from my husband, we’re considered relatives.”

“You flatter me,” Kallum uttered icily. He assumed that Charlotte wanted to butter up to him.

However, Charlotte’s tone did a one-eighty. “But as I’m your superior, I can fire you for spouting nonsense here.”

“How dare you?” Kallum fumed.

“Why not?” Charlotte lifted an eyebrow. “I’m the biggest shareholder in Nacht Group. I can fire you if I like. What can you do about it?”

“You…” Kallum was at a loss for words.

Johann immediately shot a look at Charlotte to remind her not to act recklessly. After all, Kallum was representing all thirteen board members from the headquarter.

As expected, the other board members chimed in, “Ms. Lindberg, you’re so authoritative, huh? Why don’t you fire us all?”

“That isn’t what she meant,” Spencer offered hastily.

“Those who disagree can leave now.” Instead of giving in, Charlotte gave a court order. “Lucy, hand every board member a resignation letter. Those who wish to leave can sign the letter and complete the procedure now.”


Her order immediately created an uproar.

Besides those from the headquarter, even those from Divine Corporation and other branches were abuzz with discussion.

The tension in the air increased under Kallum’s incitement.

Some board members started reprimanding Charlotte for her arrogance. After accusing her of abusing her authority, they started to suspect her motives.

Growing anxious, Spencer asked Johann to dissuade Charlotte.

Rising to his feet with difficulty, Johann was about to go to Charlotte as requested when she parted her lips to say, “Why? Do you want to resign, Mr. Sterk?”

At once, everyone fell silent and gazed at her in disbelief.

Stunned, Johann replied instinctively, “Of course not.”

“Sit down, then.” Charlotte made a gesture with her hand.

Johann immediately sank down.

“Who else wants to resign? We can go through the procedure now.” Charlotte gazed at them calmly. “Don’t worry. Nacht Group will give you what you deserve. You won’t receive a cent less.”

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