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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1476

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1476

Being Questioned

The board meeting held that afternoon was a grand affair.

The board of directors from the headquarter had arrived at H City to attend the meeting at Divine Corporation.

Back when Zachary was here, he had rarely gotten them to gather here. Every time, one or two board members would miss the meeting due to personal reasons. However, each and every one of them was free this afternoon and had shown up today on level 68.

When Johann and Spencer arrived, everyone else stood up to greet them before asking about Zachary’s situation.

They both refused to answer questions and told the rest to wait for Charlotte’s arrival.

In her office, Charlotte was munching on a sandwich. It was five minutes to three in the afternoon, but this was her first meal of the day.

She gobbled up the sandwich without paying heed to her image.

Her heart aching, Lupine handed Charlotte a glass of milk. “Have some milk. Don’t choke on your food,” she reminded gently.

Charlotte took the glass readily. She was about to drink the milk when Lucy knocked on the door and entered hastily. “Ms… Mrs. Nacht, everyone has arrived. Mr. Sterk and Mr. Spencer are here. They are waiting for you,” she reported.

“It’s two minutes to three,” Charlotte answered after a brief glance at her watch. She resumed her action of drinking the milk.

Without a word, Lucy stood aside and waited for her.

After downing the glass of milk, Charlotte whipped out a piece of tissue and wiped her mouth. She then put on her coat and strode out.

One second before the clock struck three, she entered the conference room haughtily.

The board members who had come from the headquarter were frowning as they gazed at the clock hanging on the wall. They held back their annoyance and waited for the so-called Mrs. Nacht to show up.

After showing up before the clock struck three, Charlotte swept a cursory glance across the crowd before heading to the president’s seat. Overlooking everyone else, she announced in an icy but polite tone, “Welcome to Divine Corporation!”

“Thank you!” a board member from the headquarter answered and gave her an imperious look. “Ms. Lindberg, though rumor has it that Mr. Nacht has announced his marriage to you, you’re not yet married, right? It doesn’t seem right for you to occupy that seat.”

Upon her arrival, someone from the headquarter had outfoxed her.

The rest didn’t utter a word and waited patiently for Charlotte’s reply.

Spencer was about to say something, but Charlotte made a hand gesture. At once, Lupine slammed a marriage certificate on the table. “Ms. Lindberg and Mr. Nacht have registered their marriage. This is their marriage certificate!”

The board members immediately furrowed their brows at the sight of the marriage certificate.

“A marriage certificate proves nothing,” Kallum Nacht continued with his verbal attacks. “Everyone here has worked hard to develop the Nacht family alongside Mr. Henry Nacht. It does not belong to you. Even if Mr. Nacht owns some of the shares, they are part of his pre-marital assets. That has nothing to do with you, Ms. Lindberg.”

Lupine was livid. She was about to retort when Rodney came in to announce, “Ten days ago, Mr. Nacht has transferred the shares he owns in Nacht Group and all his assets to Charlotte Lindberg and her three children.”

Rodney and Lucy then showed the photocopied documents to the board members.

The board members’ faces turned purple in rage.

“Nonsense!” Kallum slammed his fist on the table furiously. “How could he hand the company to someone who’s not a Nacht?”

“That’s right. How could he?”

The remaining board members were worried, but they dared not step out and waited for Kallum to seek an answer.

“The Lindberg family has been the rival of the Nacht family for years. I won’t mention the past generation’s grudges. Just two years ago, Mr. Lindberg got the Sterlings and the Browns to go against us. Did you forget how they made things difficult for us?” Kallum declared furiously. “Now that the company is run by a Lindberg, will its name change to Lindberg Group in the future?”

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