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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1473

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1473


They arrived at the private club, which seemed like it had just been opened. Charlotte had never heard of its existence prior to the meeting.

Unexpectedly, the person waiting for her in the lobby was not Theo but Nancy.

Dressed in white, the woman sipped at her tea elegantly in her seat.

It seemed like she had been waiting for Charlotte for a long time.

Undeterred by her presence, Charlotte walked forward, sat down, and drank tea.

“Are you finally free enough to talk to me in person, Ms. Lindberg?” Nancy shot her a cold glance.

“I arrived five minutes earlier to make time for you.”

Charlotte continued sipping at her tea, not even sparing a single glance in Nancy’s direction.

“Hah!” Nancy scoffed but did not choose to dispute with her at that moment. Instead, she probed relentlessly, “Where exactly is Mr. Nacht?”

“I want to know too.” Charlotte glanced at her. “If you know, please tell me.”

“You…” Although Nancy was fuming, she humbled herself to say, “You’re already legally married to him. Now that you’re part of the Nacht family, I’m no longer a threat to you. I just want to know if he’s still alive. Am I not even allowed to do that?”

When Charlotte heard that, her attitude softened. A moment of silence passed before she replied softly, “He went missing…”

“Missing?” Nancy’s eyes popped in shock. “How did he go missing? Weren’t you two holding a wedding? What happened?”

“A fire happened at Southridge the night before the wedding…” Charlotte evaded the question and gave a vague description of what happened that night. “I’ve searched the entirety of Southridge, but I couldn’t find him at all. The police said that h-he has already been burned to ashes…”

Nancy was stunned. “That’s impossible! How can someone so powerful like Mr. Nacht die just like that? That’s simply impossible!”

“I find it impossible too.” Charlotte let out a pained smile. “However, I just can’t find him.”

“Impossible… He must still be alive!” Nancy was extremely agitated. “Perhaps, he was taken away by those culprits who started the fire! Maybe…”

Charlotte lowered her head and continued drinking tea. She did not want to tell her that Zachary was suffering from a terminal illness. Even if the fire did not happen, his days would still be numbered.

According to Helen’s predictions, the next day would be his last.

If he had been taken away by the masked men, his illness would probably have relapsed by then. Without any treatment, he would die.

“Have you sent anyone to run investigations? Who are the culprits?” Nancy pressed on anxiously. “Why don’t you tell me everything that you know? I’ll instruct someone to investigate it. As for the police, I’ll look for the highest-ranking officer and…”

As Nancy spoke, she ordered her subordinates to contact the said person.

Charlotte watched as she went about with her business.

“Tell me the clues, and I’ll order my subordinates to investigate what exactly happened…” Nancy asked worriedly, “Also, which police officer is currently in liaison with you?”

“There’s no need for that. Don’t waste your effort on this futile endeavor.” Charlotte gazed at her calmly.


“All right, time’s up.” Charlotte placed her cup down, stood up, and strode toward the private rooms.

“Charlotte…” Nancy quickly blocked her path. “How can you still deal with other matters? Isn’t finding Mr. Nacht the most important thing now? Do you care about him or not?”

“I care about him more than anyone else.” Frowning, Charlotte stared at her. “Hence, I have to settle his family’s business well now. I’m really busy, so you’d better stop creating more trouble for me!”


Nancy wanted to say something, but Charlotte had already walked off briskly.

Glaring at her back, Nancy gritted her teeth and said to her bodyguard, “Since she doesn’t want to investigate it, I’ll do it myself. Contact the police right now. I want to find out the details of this case.”

“Understood, Ms. Gold.”

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