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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1471

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1471

The Leader

Charlotte had only been there once, and it was when Henry passed away.

At that time, she had come to stir up trouble under Danrique’s command and managed to infuriate Zachary.

Though the people and place remained the same, her emotions were vastly different.

Charlotte had already cast aside her animosity and grudges toward the Nacht family. As of then, they were no longer enemies but a family.

When she entered Henry’s residence, the subordinates, bodyguards, and maids were no longer wary of her. Instead, they welcomed her respectfully and greeted, “Mrs. Nacht!”

“Where’s Mr. Spencer?”

Charlotte strode forward, displaying a regal bearing with every step she took.

Her demeanor had changed entirely—she was no longer like her weak self in the past.

Even when she reconciled with the Lindberg family, she was not as domineering as then.

After all, she had Danrique as her backing at that time. No matter how powerful she was, the shadow of her past still lingered.

Yet, both Danrique and Zachary had gone missing.

Charlotte was the only one left in both the Nacht and Lindberg families.

Hence, she had to pull herself together and be the most reliable leader for everyone.

“Mr. Spencer is waiting for you in the study,” replied the butler respectfully.

Charlotte entered with Lupine and the rest. Just as she was about to step into the study, she saw Henry’s portrait on the wall and fell into a daze.

His portrait had been hung there since his passing. Every day, Spencer would talk to it about the recent happenings in the Nacht family.

When Spencer saw her stopping in her tracks, he quickly instructed, “Take the portrait down now.”

“There’s no need for that.” Charlotte affected a calm expression and strode into the room. “I should keep Grandpa updated too.”

“Did you just call Mr. Henry as…”

“Although the wedding ceremony did not happen, Zachary and I are legally married. Now that I’m officially part of the Nacht family, I ought to change the way I address him.”

Charlotte sat on the sofa across from Spencer.

“Your demeanor reminds me of Mr. Zachary in the past.” Looking at her, Spencer could not help but lament, “It’s a pity… Why did this happen…”

At the thought of Zachary, tears streamed down his cheeks as his heart ached terribly.

“I still think that he’s alive.” Although Charlotte felt emotional, she remained strong. “Perhaps, the masked men took him away, or…”

“Considering how ill he is, even if the masked men had brought him away, I’m afraid that the chances of him surviving are slim,” said Spencer amidst sobs. “Of course, I wish that there’ll be a miracle too, but…”

“I know that it sounds impossible, but…” Trying her best to suppress her sorrow, she declared firmly, “I still believe in miracles!”

Spencer heaved a deep sigh and fell silent.

At that moment, the butler served some tea.

After taking a sip of the hot tea, Charlotte went straight to the point. “I believe Mr. Sterk has contacted you, right? A board meeting is going to be held this afternoon.”

“He did call me.” Spencer leaned against the wheelchair weakly, already exhausted by the short conversation. “I’ll follow you to the company in the afternoon. However…”

There, he drew out his vowels for a long time, his tone filled with misgivings and hesitation.

Naturally, he was aware of the current situation and that Charlotte was alone without any support. At that moment, he had to be her backing.

Prior to the incident, that was what Zachary kept reminding him of. Hence, he had to do a good job.

Yet, to be honest, he lacked confidence. Firstly, he did not know if Charlotte was capable enough to support the family. Secondly, he was unsure if she would remain with the Nacht family forever.

After all, she was still so young. It was possible for her to remarry to someone else.

Furthermore, the grudges between the Nacht and Lindberg families could not be dismissed just like that.

If Danrique returned one day and took Charlotte away, the Nacht family’s future would be bleak.

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