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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1466

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1466

Burned To Ashes

Southridge was in utter chaos. When the news arrived at Northridge, Charlotte and her subordinates rushed over to save everyone.

However, the entire villa in Southridge was already engulfed in flames. All that remained of the elaborately decorated wedding venue was nothing but ashes.

“How did this happen?”

Horrified by the scene before her eyes, Charlotte could barely stand straight.

She charged forward like a madwoman, but Bruce and the rest held her back. “Ms. Lindberg, you can’t enter now. The fire fighting equipment will arrive soon.”

“Let go of me!” Struggling to break free, Charlotte screamed agitatedly, “Hubby! Robbie! Jamie! Ellie!”

“Mommy, we’re here.”

With Hanna escorting them, Robbie and Jamie ran over, both wrapped in a blanket. Trembling, they said through sobs, “Daddy and Ellie are still inside. Mr. Ben, Fifi, and Little Fifi are there too…”

“Robbie, Jamie!” Charlotte hugged them tightly. “Don’t be afraid. They’ll be fine! I’ll save them now.”

Having said that, she charged in without hesitation.

“The protective suits are here!” Bruce and the rest immediately put them on.

“Where’s Marino? Did anyone see Marino?” asked Morgan anxiously.

“Marino went in to save the rest.”

“Did he wear the suit?”

“No… There was no time.”

“I’m going in to save him.”

In the house, Marino was searching everywhere amid the flames. Finally, he spotted Ellie and Fifi on the staircase.

Fifi suffered grievous injuries from shielding Ellie underneath its wings.

Marino immediately carried Ellie and Fifi. While he was dashing out, a railing fell and crashed onto him.

At the most critical moment, he protected Ellie and Fifi in his arms and tried his best to free himself from the railing. Dragging his injured leg behind him, he crawled out.

However, the fire became even more intense. There were no paths ahead of him, and his surroundings were filled with smoke.

Marino could barely catch his breath. His strength, too, was slowly depleting.

Just when he was about to lose all hope, he suddenly heard Morgan’s voice. “Marino! Ellie!”

With much difficulty, Marino raised his head and glanced over. Morgan rushed in with a few others and saved Marino, Fifi, and Ellie.

Meanwhile, Charlotte, Bruce, and Lupine dashed upstairs with fireproof blankets over them.

They found Ben lying unconsciously on the floor after being shot but did not spot Zachary anywhere.

Bruce instructed Lupine and Charlotte to leave with Ben first, but Charlotte refused to give up. She frantically looked for Zachary amidst the raging flames.

I can’t lose Zachary like this. I can’t! We’re supposed to get married today. I was about to become his wife! My bridal gown has already been prepared. How could this happen…

“Hubby! Hubby! Zachary, come out! Come out!”

While searching everywhere, she cried out agitatedly.

Yet, not a single response could be heard.

After taking in too much of the toxic smoke, her voice soon became so hoarse that she could not utter a single sound.

The flames burned her hair and hands, but she ignored her injuries and continued to search for Zachary.

Unfortunately, she still could not find him.

Morning arrived three hours later.

The sky rained over Southridge as if heaven was weeping for them.

By the time the police and the firefighters arrived, the fire had already been doused by the rain.

When they went into the house to search, they found Little Fifi’s corpse underneath the railing of the first floor.

As for Zachary, he remained nowhere to be found.

The investigations revealed that fire was also set off in the main bedroom on the second floor, which was Zachary’s room. The fire contained a potent toxin that could burn a human into ashes.

Hence, the police deduced that Zachary might have already died, and his corpse had been burned to ashes.

When everyone heard the news, they were stunned for a while before breaking out into tears.

Charlotte’s legs turned weak. Falling to her knees, she wailed miserably, “No!”

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