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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1465

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1465


Immediately after the person spoke, he pulled the trigger and was prepared to shoot.

At that moment, Ben barged in with Ellie. “Mr. Nacht!”

When he opened the door and saw a silhouette that looked identical to Zachary, he froze. Ellie, too, stared at the person in disbelief.

However, Ben was quickly brought to his senses and rushed forward to snatch the gun away.

Just as he moved, he was shot.

“Ah!” Fear-stricken, Ellie screamed and dropped her plushie onto the ground.

“Shh…” The mysterious man shushed her before aiming his gun at Zachary. “Die, Zachary!”

At that instant, Zachary mustered the last ounce of his strength and grabbed the man’s hand. While he grappled with the man, he yelled, “Run, Ellie!”

Ellie’s legs were trembling. Rooted to the ground, she could not move at all.

However, Little Fifi kept squawking beside her ear and repeating what Zachary had said, “Run, Ellie! Run, Ellie!”

Only then did Ellie return to her senses and sprint out hurriedly.

By then, the entire place was already surrounded by flames. As soon as she ran out of the room, she bumped into a few masked men. While she screamed in terror, those men attempted to capture her.

At that juncture, Fifi flew in from the window and circled the masked men, driving them away from capturing Ellie.

Under Little Fifi’s lead, Ellie ran down the spiral staircase.

However, no sooner had she taken a few steps down the staircase than a masked man dashed forward and grabbed her from behind. Having lost her footing, the little girl tumbled down the stairs.

Meanwhile, in the room, the mysterious man had pinned Zachary against the table. Pressing the gun against the latter’s head, he yelled through gritted teeth, “Do you think you can still fight me? Let me tell you this! Everyone here will die tonight! Your wife and assets will all be mine; even your children will have to call me their father. I’ll replace you and become the new Mr. Nacht! Go to blazes, Zachary Nacht!”

He pulled the trigger and was about to shoot when a silver needle came flying in. It pricked his neck, causing him to shudder. Before he could react, his body became numb gradually.

A petite figure flipped in through the windows and said in annoyance, “I hate people who only rely on sneak attacks! If you’re truly capable, you should confront others openly!”

The newcomer was fully clothed from top to bottom, wrapped in a green cape that revealed only a pair of bright eyes. A green snake wrapped itself around her wrist, glowing eerily in the dark.

“You…” The mysterious man wanted to aim the gun at the intruder but could not raise his hand. Clutching his neck, he could feel his body stiffening gradually.

“What about me?” The petite person yelled furiously, “I’m here to look for my babies. Now that you’ve burned this house, where can I find them?”

Instead of responding, the mysterious man pressed the alarm in his hand.

Soon, a few masked men barged in.

“You sly bastard!”

Infuriated, the petite person immediately whipped out a red smoke bomb and threw it downward. The instant it came into contact with the ground, sparks flew, followed by an anesthetic gas.

The masked men covered their noses, not daring to move forward anymore.

Just when the petite person was about to leave through the window, she spotted Zachary lying on the ground. It seemed like he was on the verge of passing out.

Frowning, she mumbled to herself, “Francesca, don’t be nosy. Don’t be nosy. Don’t be nosy!”

Hardening her heart, she was about to leave when she accidentally spotted a photo frame beside Zachary.

In the photo, Zachary and Charlotte were running in the forest hand-in-hand. Charlotte was holding her three children’s hands while Alpha, Beta, and Gamma were sitting on Zachary’s shoulders.

The triplets were hugging Zachary’s head with wide grins on their faces. When the man gazed at them, his eyes were filled with affection and tenderness.

Francesca’s gaze changed immediately. Without missing a beat, she helped Zachary up, flipped out of the window with him, and escaped.

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