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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1458

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1458

What Goes Around Comes Around

Michael could not wrap his head around Charlotte’s stance. “I can understand why Zachary vows to seek Helena out for payback. After all, he’s not a man to be trifled with. But I can’t fathom why you’re so adamant as well. You were willing to forgive Luna and even lent her a hand previously, so why are you being hard-hearted toward Helena?”

He then added sorrowfully, “Do you know that she’s suffering from severe depression? If she ends up in prison again, she won’t be able to survive.”

“She only has herself to blame for that! What goes around comes around!” Charlotte snapped, overcame by her hatred toward Helena.

She could not care less about his feelings.

Dumbfounded by her words, Michael stared at her in incredulity. With an aching heart, he said, “Charlotte, you’ve changed so much…”

Indeed, in his eyes, she was a forgiving person who could pardon everything.

Regardless of how Luna had placed her in hot water, she still gave her and her family a hand when they were in trouble. Even after Zachary had broken her heart numerous times, she was still willing to forgive him and even got back together with him! So why can’t she forgive Helena? After all, Helena hasn’t inflicted any harm on her so far. Undeniably, she has borne malice in the vase incident, but she did not do her wrong. Why must she insist on having her jailed?

“Michael, it doesn’t matter if you can’t get my point now. You’ll understand it one day.” Charlotte was determined to pay Helena back in her own coin.

The next moment, she instructed firmly, “Take her away!”

“Yes, Ms. Lindberg.” Ben nodded and assigned his subordinates to take Helena away.

“Let go of me! Charlotte Windt! Zachary Nacht! Both of you’ll surely die a horrible death for doing this to me!” Helena roared hysterically, still struggling to break free.

“Shut up!” Infuriated, Charlotte moved forward and slapped her on the face.

That slap sent Helena into a frenzy. She lunged toward Charlotte maniacally as if she was a ferocious beast pouncing on its prey, but Zachary kicked her aside.

Consequently, she fell and sprawled on the ground. Soon, blood trickled down the corner of her lips.

“Helena!” Michael dashed toward her to help her up before bellowing at Charlotte and Zachary, “That’s too much!”

“Take her away!” Zachary instructed coldly, paying no heed to him.

Cain and the other subordinates stepped forward at once to bring Helena away. Michael wanted to stop them, but Ben stood in his way. “Mr. Brown, you should be thankful that we’re handing her over to the police instead of taking matters into our own hands.”

Michael rebuked, “Even if Helena did bear malice, she did not commit a grave mistake. With that, I’m sure she’ll not be charged with a serious offense. I bet you must be thinking of exacerbating her situation with the prominence of the Nacht family! Am I right?”

Ben sneered. “Pfft! Didn’t you have her prison sentence reduced by making use of the Brown family’s influence years ago? Surprisingly, she was only sentenced to imprisonment for two years after committing such a heinous deed. Wasn’t your family the one manipulating everything at that time, huh?”

“You…” Michael was at a loss for words.

Charlotte furrowed her brows and tried to talk him out of backing Helena up. “Michael, heed my words. Helena can’t be left at large, for she’s thoroughly wicked. Even though she’s your cousin, you should be impartial.”

“Thanks for your reminder!” Michael responded frigidly and stormed off.

Looking at his retreating figure, Charlotte was in anguish. Even though she knew he would be harboring a grudge against her because of Helena, she had no choice.

That woman’s indeed a scourge! We must get rid of her so that others won’t fall victim to her ruthlessness again!

Utterly exhausted from the commotion, Zachary was eager to leave.

“Come, let’s go home,” he said as he put his arm around Charlotte’s shoulders.

Holding a jacket, Ben caught up to them and put it on him.

When they left through the back door and were about to enter the car, Nancy darted toward them and called out, “Mr. Nacht!”

Zachary halted in his steps and turned back to look at her. “Ms. Gold, thank you for your help tonight!”

She smiled at him. “Don’t mention it. I’ve just had a look at your gift. It never crossed my mind that—”

Zachary cut her off by saying meaningfully, “You’ve saved me, so you deserve it. As for the matter I mentioned earlier, I hope you’ll think it through.”

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