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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1457

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1457

Does Not Deserve To Be Forgiven

“Cain, where’s Mr. Nacht?” Charlotte asked anxiously.

At that moment, a familiar figure stepped out. “I’m here.”

“You…” Upon seeing how unkempt he looked, she knitted her eyebrows. Not only did he not have his jacket on, but the collar of his white shirt was open with two buttons missing.

“Why are you here?” Zachary walked toward her.

“Explain to me. What is going on?”

Just as she was about to flare up, Michael showed up and pleaded, “Charlotte, please help me persuade Mr. Nacht.”

“Michael, why are you here?”

His appearance caught her off guard. However, she soon understood that there was more than met the eye. At once, she gave Lupine a look.

Only then did Lupine step aside, no longer blocking Nancy’s way.

“Now that everyone is here, it’s time to clear the air,” Nancy remarked. Displeased with Charlotte’s earlier actions, she turned to face her and snapped, “Ms. Lindberg, next time, please get a clearer picture of the situation before jumping to conclusions.”

With that, she left in large strides.

Barely grasping what was going on, Charlotte was pulled by Zachary into the private room. Just when she was about to question him, she was shocked by the scene that greeted her.

Ben was restraining someone who was dressed in a strange outfit. The person kept struggling and hurling vulgarities at both her and Zachary.

When Charlotte got a closer look, she exclaimed in shock, “Helena?”

“She was the one who threw the vase…”

Only after Zachary explained the situation briefly did she catch on. “I was wondering why the banquet was held at this hotel. As it turned out, you were trying to lure the culprit out.”

“It seems that we’ve accused Ms. Gold wrongly,” Lupine admitted awkwardly.

“I was the one who sought her help to put up this act,” Zachary explained. “My main objective is to remove all the threats and obstacles that would hinder you in the future.”

He had said those words in a nonchalant manner, but it made Charlotte’s heart ache.

He wants to solve all the problems for me with whatever time he has left so that my life would be smooth sailing from here on.

“Charlotte, I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you!”

Helena was still raging at them. Nonetheless, after being pinned on the ground by Ben’s foot for such a long time, she no longer had any residual strength to struggle. All she could do was hurl insults incessantly.

“Helena, you are beyond salvation.”

Looking at Helena, Charlotte was reminded of her past misdeeds and found herself being engulfed by sorrow and hatred.

“Back then, you plotted against Luna for your own selfish gains. Despite being punished by the law, you’re still blaming me for everything. To make matters worse, you even planned on harming me too. Even death would be too good of an ending for you!”

“Ms. Lindberg, we have collected all the evidence of her wrongdoings and are prepared to hand them over to the police,” Ben reported indignantly. “This time, no strings can be pulled. She can never be bailed out and will rot in prison for the rest of her life.”

“No, please,” Michael begged. “Charlotte, I know what Helena did was wrong, and I apologize to all of you on her behalf. Just now, I told Mr. Nacht that as long as you agree, I’ll bring her back to M Nation and never let her set foot in H City again. No matter what, she did not cause any significant harm this time around. Hence, I hope you can forgive her for my sake.”

“What do you mean by no significant harm?” Charlotte thundered. “Do you know she caused my husband—”

However, she held her tongue at mid-sentence because Zachary’s condition could not be revealed to outsiders.

Michael continued to plead, “Charlotte, please let her go this one time on account of our friendship. I know that you are all angry because Mr. Nacht was hurt, but his injury has almost recovered. I can punish her in other ways or compensate you—”

“Enough, Michael,” Charlotte interrupted him. “If you still think of me as a friend, stop begging for mercy on her behalf. She has lost her reason. A vile and heartless person like her does not deserve to be forgiven.”

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