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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1453

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1453

I Can Help You

Despite being caught by surprise, Nancy looked at Zachary with anticipation.

As a gentleman, the latter offered his hand to her.

Nancy gladly took it and put her arm around his waist.

Holding each other intimately, they waltzed to the romantic music.

As for the crowd, they made way for the beautiful pair to have the dance floor to themselves.

Meanwhile, Ben furrowed his eyebrows as he watched them. Mr. Nacht is physically weak now, so he’s already drained from working in the office every day. How could she still make him dance…

“How is Mr. Nacht’s recovery coming along?”

At that moment, a charming voice rang out from behind him.

Ben turned around and responded to the man cordially, “Mr. Brown, Mr. Nacht is recovering well.”

“That’s good.” With an apologetic tone, Michael added, “I noticed that he doesn’t look too good, so I thought he hasn’t fully recovered.”

“Mr. Brown, weren’t you supposed to have returned to M Nation?” Ben asked.

“I was supposed to leave yesterday. However, I received Ms. Gold’s invitation at the very last minute, so I decided to stay for a couple more days.” As he spoke, Michael scanned the crowd as if he was looking for someone. “Did Charlotte not attend the banquet tonight?”

“Ms. Lindberg’s wedding is just around the corner, so she’s staying at home.”

Knowing that Michael still had feelings for Charlotte, Ben deliberately revealed the wedding. After all, it would be announced to the world very soon.

“Wedding?” Just as expected, Michael was shocked. “With who?”

“With Mr. Nacht, of course,” Ben replied with a grin. “Who else could it be?”

Knitting his brows, Michael did not respond. Instead, he stepped aside and took out his phone to send a message.

Ben knew that the message must be directed to Charlotte.

On the dance floor, the music continued playing.

While Zachary and Nancy danced, the guests surrounded and watched them with muted delight.

Staring longingly at the man, Nancy let out a gentle smile.

Suddenly, Zachary voiced, “There’s a rumor going around recently. Word has it that your elder sister is fighting you for the position as the heir.”

“Erm…” After being briefly stunned for a moment, she hastened to reply, “Mr. Nacht, where did you hear that from?”

“I have my ways.” He stared intently at her. “It seems like the rumor is true.”

At his words, panic washed over Nancy. Nonetheless, she regained her composure quickly. “It’s inevitable for a prominent family like ours to have a competition for power. Since my father is advanced in age, he’s prepared to hand the reins to me. My sister does have some objections, but it’s not going to pose a problem.”

“Is that so?” Zachary smirked. “If it isn’t a problem, why isn’t your father here tonight?”

“I…” His remark unsettled Nancy. She would have easily countered that comment if it were anyone else. However, Zachary’s eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s, causing her to feel bare before him.

“Ms. Gold, you’ve saved my life. Therefore, if you need my help, ask away, and I will do so without hesitation,” he said thoughtfully.

“Hmm?” Nancy was caught by surprise. “If my memory serves me right, you never like to interfere in the affairs of others.”

“That’s right.” Zachary nodded. “That’s why I want something equivalent in return.”

“What do you mean?” Although she was taken aback for a moment, she composed herself quickly. “Why don’t we discuss this at the lounge?”


Before the music was over, Nancy held Zachary’s arm as both of them headed to the lounge.

While the guests made way for them and watched them leave, they speculated behind their backs in hushed voices.

“It seems that there’s more to Mr. Nacht and Ms. Gold’s relationship than meets the eye.”

“That’s right. Mr. Nacht never liked attending banquets such as this. And yet, he has made an exception for Ms. Gold. It seems that there’s something going on between them.”

“Precisely. Mr. Nacht has been cooped up at home for most of the year, so I was surprised that he attended tonight’s banquet.”

“Are they in a relationship?”

“Maybe. After all, they look like a match made in heaven.”

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