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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1451

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1451

Joyous News

“It’s ready.” Lucy handed an exquisite-looking box to Zachary.

“Good, go make the necessary arrangements now,” he ordered.

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.”

After she left, Zachary opened the box. Staring at the documents inside, he fell into deep thought.

Despite being fully cognizant that he was making a risky move, he was still willing to gamble.

Ring! Ring!

At that moment, his phone suddenly rang. It was Nancy.

Zachary picked up at once. “Hello?”

“Mr. Nacht, I’ll be seeing you tonight.”

Although her voice sounded distant compared to before, there was a hint of unmistakable anticipation to it.

Ever since Zachary spoke with her frankly, she had stopped bothering him.

At the end of the day, she was a highly educated and cultured lady of a prominent family. No matter how deeply she loved Zachary, she would not cling to him out of desperation.

She was well aware that clinging onto someone like Zachary would only breed resentment within him.

As a result, she chose to give up on courting him. Even if she had to be tortured by her unrequited love every single night, it was better than having him loathe her.

Although they could not be together, she still wanted him to have a good impression of her.

Perhaps, she might still stand a chance in the future.

“See you tonight too,” Zachary replied.

After ending the call, he continued to work.

While he was occupying himself with the documents, he heard the doorbell ring. However, that person did not announce their identity.

Glancing at the security camera live feed on the computer beside him, he was taken by surprise. After using the voice command to open the door, he stood up to welcome his guest. “Why did you come over?”

“Hubby!” Charlotte entered with a smile while holding two lunch boxes in her hands. “Are you hungry? I made you lunch. Come try it quickly.”

“How sweet of you!” Zachary watched as she took out the compartments of the lunch boxes one by one. When he saw the scrumptious spread, an alluring smile appeared on his face. “These are all my favorites.”

“I spent the whole morning preparing them.” Charlotte handed him his cutlery. “Go on. Try them.”

“All right.” After trying every dish, he nodded with a grin. “You have improved!”

“Haha, that’s because I have been cooking for the last few days.” With her chin propped in the palm of her hand, she felt herself swelling with bliss from watching him eat. “The kids requested to have meat fondue last night, so we’ll be having that for dinner. I’ve instructed Mrs. Rawlston to prepare the ingredients.”

“I’ll be attending a banquet tonight,” Zachary casually remarked. “So, I might be home late.”

“What banquet?” Charlotte furrowed her eyebrows.

Recently, she had been worried about Zachary coming to the office. Every day, she would remind Ben to keep a close eye on him in case something untoward happened.

Even bringing him lunch was an excuse for her to check on him.

Hence, she wondered why he insisted on going to a banquet.

“It’s organized by the Gold family,” Zachary answered candidly. “Prior to this, Nancy has helped me. In return, I promised her that I would attend the banquet. Considering that they delayed the banquet on my account, it would be rude for me to miss it.”

Despite feeling upset, Charlotte found his explanation to be reasonable. Hence, she did not voice her dissatisfaction. “Fine. Go ahead if that’s what you want.”

“Are you jealous?” Zachary’s eyes turned to crescents as he beamed at her.

“No.” She gave him the side-eye and threatened, “You’d better come home early. Or else, I’m not going to let you into our room.”

“Haha, all right.” Zachary chortled. “I’m going there to return their favor, so I’ll come home after I give them the gift.”

“Be home before nine,” Charlotte ordered. “Remember!”

“I know.” He stroked her face affectionately before feeding her some food. “You should have some too.”

When they were done with lunch, Zachary brought Charlotte to attend the board meeting. There, he officially introduced her to everyone and announced that they would be getting married the following Monday.

The company’s upper management was delighted by the news. Over the last few weeks, they had seen Zachary’s condition gradually deteriorate and were worried that he would collapse at any time.

Hence, they were happy for him when they learned about the sudden joyous news.

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