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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1448

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1448


The moment Charlotte heard Robbie’s words, she had an epiphany. Her mind was suddenly flooded with information.

“There’s one notable thing about him. He likes to keep beasts as pets.”

“Fifi is so adorable as compared to Mommy’s fierce pet eagle!”

“Mommy even has a leopard!”

“Mommy is very, very awesome.”

“This is Mommy. It’s Mommy.”

“This is a photo of Mommy. Aunt Charlotte, can you give it to me?”

As those memories flashed across her mind, Charlotte’s heart began to race. The next moment, she went back to the triplet’s room with Robbie in tow.

Just as she was about to knock on the door, she heard the children chatting inside.

“Alpha, Beta, I saw Mommy just now.”

“Huh? Really? Where is she?”

“Quick, take us to her.”

“Mommy isn’t here. I just saw a photo of her.”


“Yes, Aunt Charlotte has it. I wanted her to give it to me, but she refused.”

“In that case, let’s go and see her.”

At that point, Charlotte pushed the door open hurriedly.


The triplets were sitting on their beds, talking while holding their small nightlights. When the door suddenly opened, it gave them a fright. Only when they saw Charlotte did they calm down.

“Aunt Charlotte, you scared us!”

“Alpha, Beta, Gamma, come over and take another look. Is this really your mommy?”

After switching on the light, Charlotte showed the children the photo.

“Yes, that’s Mommy!”

“It’s Mommy!”

“No, that’s Mommy when she was younger. Mommy now has long hair.”

“No matter what, it’s still Mommy!”

“Is this really your mommy?” Stunned, Robbie questioned anxiously, “Is your mommy a doctor?”

“Yes, many people seek out Mommy for treatment,” the three children replied earnestly. “Is Uncle Zachary sick? Aunt Charlotte, who don’t you get Mommy to treat him?”

Overcome by emotion, Charlotte called out, “Wait, let me get this straight!”

She could not believe that the Francesco she had been looking so hard for was a woman, let alone the fact that she was her future cousin-in-law.

Could this be a mistake? Do I have the wrong photo? Or maybe, the kids got it wrong. No matter what, I can’t verify this solely based on the words of three two-and-a-half-year-old kids.

“Kids, let me ask you. What is your mommy’s name?” Robbie questioned further in disbelief.

“Grandma calls her Francesca.”

“Grandpa calls her Francesca too.”

“Daddy likes to call her a bad woman!” Gamma hissed through her teeth, mimicking Danrique.

“Francesca!” Stupefied, Charlotte asked for a confirmation. “Could it be that your mommy is really Francesco?”

“Yeap, some people address her that way.” Alpha nodded earnestly. “However, Grandpa and Grandma call her Francesca.”

Even though Charlotte was thoroughly convinced, she still found it unbelievable. Hence, she called Hayley right away.

The ringing tone rang for a long while before Hayley’s befuddled voice sounded. “Charlotte, what is it?” It was apparent she had been sleeping when Charlotte called.

“Hayley, I have a question for you. Is Francesco male or female?” Charlotte asked anxiously.

“Uh…” Hayley took a long time to become clear-headed enough to respond. “Charlotte, why are you asking me this all of a sudden? Can it be that he isn’t a guy? Dr. Felch used to refer to him as the rascal—”

“Is there any way to verify this?” Charlotte asked anxiously.

“Yes, the old lady who lives near the village entrance has seen him before. I’ll ask her first thing in the morning.”

“Please update me once you hear something.”


After ending the call and settling the children, Charlotte went to see Ben at once. “Ben, sharpen this photo and publicly post our search on the internet.”

“What? The internet?”

“Yes, only by doing so would she be able to see it and come to us voluntarily.”

“Understood, I’m on it now.”

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