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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1430

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1430

After the banquet, the group drove up to the mountain for some fireworks.

Ben had made prior arrangements for someone to get an array of fireworks ready at the peak.

When the fireworks were displayed, they bloomed brilliants across the horizon, illuminating Rokan Hill.

The children were enthralled by its beauty. They jumped for joy while clapping and cheering gleefully.

Little Fifi hid inside Ellie’s hoodie, trembling in fear. Yet, from time to time, the curious parrot would pop its head out to admire the night sky.

As for Fifi the eagle, it rested on a tree branch steadily, as if nothing in this world could ever startle it. However, its claws gave it away. They were seen clenching on the branches tightly, quivering a little.

Animals were generally afraid of fire. On the contrary, men, be it young or old, would always be thrilled by fireworks.

The two couples, Marino and Morgan as well as Ben and Lupine, enjoyed their romantic moments.

“Folklore has it that when you wish upon the fireworks, your dreams will come true. Let’s make a wish!” Morgan pointed at the sky and yelled happily like a little girl.

“Oh, really?” Everyone followed suit.

Charlotte pressed both hands together, shut her eyes, and made a wish.

Zachary was hugging her while quietly appreciating the colorful skies above their heads. Though his lips were curled up, his eyes had gradually lost their sparkle.

He had been undergoing intensive training to inherit the family business since he was eight years old. To date, twenty years had passed.

Zachary attained fame at a very young age. Over the years, he had been very active in the business world, living by his own rules arrogantly. There was absolutely nothing that he was afraid of; neither had he lost any battle.

However, fear had crept up on him all of a sudden. He was worried that all the success that he had was just a dream. Besides, he was also disturbed by the thought that he would not live long, and soon, he would leave his beloved family and lover.

Although he did not believe in fate, he made a wish with the hope that he could stay alive.

I don’t want to die. There are many things I wish to do. More importantly, I don’t want to leave Charlotte and the ones I love…

“I’m done.” Charlotte opened her eyes and kissed Zachary.

“What did you wish for?” He gazed at her gently. She looked exceptionally enchanting under the illumination of the fireworks.

“I want us to be together forever,” Charlotte said with a pair of smiling eyes as she doted on Zachary.

He did not say much but proceeded to hug her tightly. I really want to tell her the truth, to pre-empt her that I may not be able to continue this journey of life with her. Perhaps, she needs to shoulder the responsibility of leading this family on her own. All that I owe her can only be repaid in the next life.

Unfortunately, he did not have the heart to ruin the blissful moment for her. It was also his selfish desire to cling on to the precious moment as long as he could.

“Zachary…” Charlotte was feeling sentimental while hugging him. She tried to control her emotions and put on a bright smile. “Will you marry me?”

“Of course!”

Zachary heard her enunciating the words clearly in the midst of the loud fireworks.

He did not doubt his hearing, neither did he pursue further. Instead, he seized the opportunity to share the feelings that had been buried inside his heart for years.

On a serious note, he said, “Let’s get married. I’ll hold a perfect wedding ceremony!”

“Sure!” Charlotte’s eyes welled up. No matter what happens in the future, I just want to cherish all of our time together. Even if it means we only have a day, two days or a month left. Every second counts as long as we’re together.

The decision made them both extremely delighted. Immediately, Zachary shouted, “Ben!”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht?” Ben hurried over.

“Tomorrow, no, go prepare for my wedding now! I’m getting hitched!” Zachary declared loudly to ensure that everyone present heard it.

Ben froze for a moment, but quickly caught on and blurted, “Is that for real? You two are seriously tying the knot?”

“What nonsense!” Zachary glared at him. “Hurry up and go get ready!”

“Got it. I’m on it now.” Ben nodded.

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