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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1426

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1426

Apart from returning home to join her children for a meal in the evening, Charlotte spent most of her time taking care of Zachary. She would return to keep Zachary company once she tucked them in and read them to sleep.

Occasionally, she would drop by the hospital to check on Olivia and Lupine.

Lupine was recovering well. Her relationship status with Ben was confirmed. Therefore, Ben would drop by the hospital to take care of the injured woman.

Morgan was envious of her colleague. Although Ben wasn’t as romantic as Marino, the former was quite a reliable man.

They had fallen for one another after making it through life-threatening situations more than once together. That was precisely the reason they knew they weren’t supposed to take each other for granted.

Charlotte was glad those affiliated with her had finally found their significant half.

Olivia’s condition had drastically improved after the surgical operation conducted by Helen.

Although it would take a long time until her complete recovery, Peter thought it was the best out of the worst possible outcome. He paid Charlotte and Zachary a visit to express his gratitude.

At that moment, everything seemed to progress smoothly, except she still couldn’t get her hands on Danrique and Francesco’s whereabouts.

Furthermore, Sean and Gordon had disappeared into thin air as well.

To make things worse, Robbie was having a tough time locating his targets.

Charlotte had no intention to pressure her son. Therefore, she tried getting in touch with Gordon. Soon, she figured out she wasn’t supposed to do so. Otherwise, she might put Danrique and his party at risk.

Her mind was all over the place, but she had to put on a strong front, especially in front of Zachary and her children. Otherwise, the situation might get increasingly tense.

When Ben figured out the situation, he knew it was time for him to stop getting his hopes high. Thus, he started getting in touch with renowned specialists from all around the globe as an alternative.

Zachary had finally regained the capability to walk around without others’ support after another five days.

His condition had improved significantly as well. However, his diet was under the strict regulation of Charlotte. She would make him different servings of oatmeal with a variety of condiments.

Initially, he thought it was fine. However, it merely took him a few days to figure out he was wrong. Occasionally, he would get his hands on things Charlotte forbade him from eating.

Charlotte would rush to him and stop him from finishing the food the moment the maid informed her.

Zachary stuffed the food he had to Ben and reprimanded the innocent man, “You need to stop tempting me with these! Aren’t you aware I’m not allowed to eat these?”

“I-I’ll keep that in mind and stay away from you whenever I’m eating in the future.” Ben had to play along with his boss when he wasn’t even the one at fault.

Glaring at the man she loved, she said, “You can have your favorite food once you’re fully recovered, but please bear with me for the time being.”

“All right, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Once Zachary nodded obediently, she urged, “Now, you need to head downstairs and finish your oatmeal for today.”

Charlotte tiptoed and kissed him on the chin before walking out of the room.

Sighing, Zachary turned around and took another peek at his favorite snack Ben bought him.

I guess it’s true when others consider health as wealth, huh? I can’t even enjoy my favorite snack! Well, I need to make sure I’m in my prime again soon!

It was very ignorant of me to ignore dad’s advice when he warned me to take good care of myself. I thought health would never be an issue bothering me, but I was very wrong.

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