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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1425

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1425

Overwhelmed by sadness, Charlotte leaned over and wrapped her arms around him.

All this while, she played the role of a heartless woman to prevent him from figuring out that she had found out about his actual condition.

She has been counting down ever since the day the doctor shared the bad news with her.

He only has twenty-six days left! I need to get Francesco here during this time! Otherwise, his life is going to be at stake again!

Zachary figured he had gone overboard, looking at Charlotte’s response. Thus, he confessed, “I’m really fine. It was just another attempt to pull your leg.”

Unwilling to show him her vulnerable side, Charlotte went dead silent with her arms wrapped around him.

It doesn’t make any sense! Has she figured out something’s wrong with me? Why is she weeping?

“You wouldn’t have sustained such a serious injury if it weren’t because of the flower vase.” Charlotte was guilty. After all, she was the reason he was injured in the first place.

Otherwise, his condition wouldn’t be as severe; his life might not be at stake as well.

Zachary made use of the things she brought up and threatened, “You need to take care of me since I’m injured because of you.”

Chuckling, she pinched his cheeks while asking, “Why are you bringing up something similar to the ones you’ve brought up at the hospital? What else do you want from me when I’m already here?”

“I’m not talking about the present! I want you to stay with me till death do us part!” Zachary repeated himself in a serious manner.

Irked, Charlotte reprimanded him, “What sort of nonsense are you talking about? Can you stop making it sound as if you’re about to die in such a casual manner?”


“If you’re really dead, I’ll get married to someone else and get our children to acknowledge a stranger as their father!” It was finally Charlotte’s turn to threaten him.

“How dare you!” Zachary’s face scrunched up in irritation the moment he heard her.

“Go ahead and try me! On top of that, I’m going to spend all the fortune you’re giving our children! Since no one is around to stop me, I’ll splurge to my heart’s content!”

“Charlotte, you…” Zachary was enraged. He felt a strong urge to vent his frustration on her, but he felt his limbs turn stiff when he tried moving around.

“What? You can’t even move around without others’ support! What else can you do?” Charlotte went all out in an attempt to provoke the man.

“You!” The man next to her glared at her in the eyes to express his frustration.

Charlotte found the helpless man hilarious, but she continued threatening him, “If you don’t want that to happen, then listen to the doctor and stop being such a difficult patient! You can pick on me all you want once you’re fully recovered! Otherwise, I’ll bring upon the downfall of the Nacht family soon!”

Zachary was no longer infuriated when he figured out it was merely an attempt of hers to motivate him. He stretched his arms and held her in his arms intimately.

I know she’s merely trying to provoke me and motivate me to stay alive. It seems like she’s aware of the truth as well. She’s just worried something bad is going to happen to me.

It’s not really necessary to address the elephant in the room as long as she’s here with me. I need nothing else as long as she’s around.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Hanna walked into the duo in the middle of an emotional session. “I-I’ll return in a while!”

Charlotte stopped her from leaving and requested, “It’s fine, Mrs. Rawlston. Just hand me the oatmeal.”

“Sure, Ms. Lindberg.” Hanna rushed out of the room after she took a peek at the duo and placed the oatmeal on the nightstand.

Seated next to the man on the bed, Charlotte urged, “You need to hurry up and finish this.”

He was against the idea of finishing the oatmeal, but he couldn’t bear to turn Charlotte down since she truly cared about him.

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