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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1424

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1424

Stop Picking On Me

Charlotte tried calling Ben when she saw a missed call once she roused from her sleep in the morning.

“Hello, Ben. Why did you call me? Is everything fine? Has Zachary’s condition—”

“Mr. Nacht is doing fine. I thought of dropping by the hospital to keep Lupine company. Therefore, I needed someone else to look after him. I couldn’t think of anyone else other than you.” Ben was pretty mindful of his reply as he had to carry on with the conversation in speaker mode.

Charlotte heaved a sigh of relief. “I literally had the shock of my life a few seconds ago! I thought something had happened to him!”

“He was—” Ben was about to tell Charlotte the truth until he caught a glimpse of Zachary’s glare. He rephrased his reply again, “He was fine last night, but he doesn’t look too good now.”

Astonished by the news, Charlotte asked, “What’s wrong? Have you summoned the doctor to check on him? I’m on my way there!”

“All right, we’ll talk once you’re here.”

It was Ben’s turn to let out a long sigh of relief when he caught a glimpse of Zachary’s satisfied beam. He asked, “Ms. Lindberg will be here soon. So—”

Zachary finished on Ben’s behalf, “Go keep Lupine company at the hospital once she’s here. You’re not really supposed to leave your girlfriend alone at a time like this.”

Thrilled, Ben expressed his gratitude, “Thanks, Mr. Nacht!”

Zachary reminded Ben once more, “With that being said, you need to keep in mind that you were the one who asked her over to check on me!”

“All right. Don’t worry. I know what to do.”

“Come over and help me up! It’s time for me to get myself a shower after spending such a long time in bed!”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.”

Charlotte couldn’t even join her children and nieces for breakfast because she was in a hurry to Southridge.

Shortly after she got out of the car, she rushed upstairs to the man’s room.

“Zach—” Once she barged into the room, she saw Zachary savoring the dumplings prepared by Hanna.

When Zachary noticed Charlotte’s presence, he pretended to be weak and stammered, “T-Take this away. I-I don’t have the appetite.”

Ben immediately took the dumplings away and played along with his boss. “Mr. Nacht, this won’t do. You haven’t had anything in days! Is there anything else you’re craving for?”

“What’s wrong? Is he in pain because of the wounds? Is something else wrong with him? Have you summoned the doctor, Ben?” Charlotte asked once she joined the duo.

“He couldn’t even sleep due to the pain, but he stopped me from summoning the doctor to check on him,” Ben remarked while shrugging his shoulders.

“You’re not supposed to listen to him! Go get Dr. Wright at once,” Charlotte instructed.

Taking a peek at Zachary, Ben carried on with the conversation with a melancholic look. “Dr. Wright told us there was nothing she could do. We have no choice but to wait until a miracle occurs.”

“What about the pain killer?” the heartbroken Charlotte asked because of Zachary’s haggard look.

“It doesn’t really work against the serious wounds—”

Cough! Cough! Zachary cleared his throat, signaling Ben to stop exaggerating as it would arouse Charlotte’s suspicion. After all, it was only a flower vase that struck him.

At that point, Zachary was still unaware that Charlotte already knew about his actual condition.

Overwhelmed by guilt, Charlotte murmured, “It’s all my fault. You’re hurt because of me. I’ll go make you some oatmeal. You’re not allowed to have something as greasy as such.”

When she was about to rush out of the room, Ben got in her way and said, “I’ll get Mrs. Rawlston to make Mr. Nacht something to eat. Why don’t you stay here and keep him company?”

“Great, thanks!” Charlotte sat by the bedside and asked while placing her hands on his forehead, “Are you still having a fever?”

“I’m still kicking and alive.”

He made it sound as if it wasn’t a big deal all while playing weak because it worked like a charm against Charlotte.

As long as he continued playing weak, she would get increasingly worried. In other words, she would stay around to keep an eye on him.

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