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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1422

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1422

A Lead

Ellie commented, “We have quite a mysterious aunt, huh? Well, they might have mistaken her as the characters from their favorite shows.”

Robbie was of the same idea. He said, “That’s most probably the case because children only develop the capacity to remember when they’re almost three years old. Maybe they’ve mixed up the identity of their mother with someone else.”

As her children’s analysis made sense, Charlotte repeated herself, “I think so. Anyway, none of you are allowed to take Fifi to school along with you. Am I clear?”

Charlotte’s nieces were slightly upset, but they knew they had to listen to their aunt. “All right, Aunt Charlotte. We’ll keep that in mind.”

“My nieces are such good girls. I’ll think of something to locate your mother as soon as possible. Just leave everything to me.”

“Thank you so much, Aunt Charlotte.”

Charlotte took them out for a stroll in the garden after their meal. Once she tucked them in and read them a bedtime story, she returned to her room to give Sean a call.

It turned out that the little ones weren’t the sole reason Charlotte had to spend another two days at Northridge.

She might have appeared to be carefree whenever she was around Zachary, but she was equally anxious because of his condition. After all, Ben told her Zachary’s condition might spiral out of control after a month.

Francesco’s whereabouts were still unknown when Charlotte was in the middle of a race against time. Unable to remain calm anymore, the latter returned to Northridge in an attempt to work something out.

Charlotte thought of trying out her luck with Gordon because she couldn’t reach Sean. It took Gordon quite some time to pick up her call.

“Hello, Ms. Lindberg.”

“I tried calling Sean, but I couldn’t reach him. Is he in the middle of something again?”

“I think that’s most probably the case. Ms. Lindberg, Sean has told me that now is probably not the best time to locate Francesco,” Gordon said tactfully.

“What? Why? Someone’s life is at stake!” Charlotte was on the verge of letting loose of her emotions.

“May I know whose life are we talking about?” Gordon asked in confusion.

Charlotte went dead silent and lost herself in a train of thoughts.

I’m afraid Sean’s going to turn a blind eye to Zachary’s condition. Gordon might consider returning Zachary’s favor of saving his life, but that’s not the case for Sean. There’s no way he’s going to locate Francesco on behalf of Zachary because of Danrique’s current situation.

To her surprise, the man on the other end asked, “It’s not Mr. Nacht, is it?”

Charlotte thought there was no point in hiding from Gordon. Hence, she confessed, “Yes, he is poisoned because of me. Besides, I can’t possibly watch the father of my children die.”

“I’m well aware of your concerns, but—” Gordon paused again. A few seconds later, he added, “I’ll inform Sean and see if he has an alternative way. Meanwhile, you need to try to look for other doctors.”

“Thank you so much! Could you tell Sean to revert to me once he’s free?”

“I’ll definitely deliver the message on your behalf.”

Charlotte felt a strong sense of unease immediately after she hung up the call.

Is Sean reluctant to help me because he’s aware Zachary’s the one in desperate need of medical attention? It’s safe to assume Sean is currently keeping Danrique safe. In short, Danrique must be aware of Zachary’s condition as well.

However, he might not want to do anything about it since he’s in an equally nasty situation. If I can meet him in person, I can try asking him to do me a favor, but I don’t even know his current whereabouts.

Sighing, Charlotte thought it was over. Suddenly, her eldest son knocked on the door and greeted, “Mommy!”

“Robbie? Come on in!” Charlotte answered the door and gestured for her son to enter.

He joined her in the room with his laptop. Unable to contain his excitement, he gasped out the great news, “Mommy, I’ve finally found our mysterious aunt! She’s currently in Zarain!”

“Are you serious? Which city is she currently in?”

“I’m not sure, but I have the record of her entering the border of the nation. It’s merely one of my speculations, but I think she’s currently with Uncle Dan.”

“Are you telling me as soon as I find her, I’ll find Danrique?”

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