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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1420

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1420

Away From Erihal

Beta snuggled against her aunt and shared, “Aunt Charlotte, me too! I think I’ve gained a little more than a pound after having so many things every day!”

“I’m glad all of you are doing fine!” Charlotte held Beta firmly in her arms and played along with the little girl. “I think you’ve put on quite some weight, huh? What about you, Gamma?”

“A-Aunt Charlotte—” Gamma felt a prickling sensation behind her eyes the moment Charlotte directed the question at her.

“What’s wrong, Gamma?” Charlotte wrapped her arms around the youngest of the triplets and asked, “Why are you crying? Did someone bully you?”

“I miss Mommy, Aunt Charlotte.” Sniffling, the little girl asked, “When will we get to meet her in person again?”

Seconds after her sisters heard her, they burst into tears in a similar manner.

Unsure of the proper things to share with them, Charlotte held them in her arms in an attempt to console the heartbroken little girls.

To be precise, she wasn’t sure of the things to tell them as she wasn’t aware of their parents’ situation either.

It was inevitable for them to go through another emotional breakdown because it had been two months since Charlotte took them away with her from Erihal.

All of a sudden, Ellie joined them in the dining hall and assured her cousins, “Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Mommy will definitely try her best to search for your parents, okay?”

“I-I need Mommy! Can I call Mommy?” Gamma begged while sniffling.

Charlotte reached for her phone and asked, “Can you remember her number? I’ll try to get in touch with her on your behalf!”

“I’ll give it a try.” Shortly after Gamma took Charlotte’s phone away from her, she tried reaching her mother, but it was another futile attempt.

The call couldn’t even make it through to the intended recipient on the other end. As a result, the little ones continued wailing at the top of their lungs, “M-Mommy has left us!”

Startled by the little girls’ response, Charlotte reassured them, “I’ll try my best to look for her, okay? I’m sure we’re going to find her in no time!”

Their mother must be an ordinary woman. Otherwise, Danrique would’ve long gotten married to her.

Maybe he has sent her away because he’s worried about getting her involved since he’s having it tough on his end.

As long as I have her contact number, I think there’s a huge possibility I can find her. Well, if I can’t, I can always count on Sean and Gordon to fill me in with her details.

“You mean it, Aunt Charlotte?” The little girls stopped weeping when they heard the promising statement coming from Charlotte.

“Of course! I’ll definitely honor my promise just like today!” Charlotte kissed them on their cheeks.

“You’re the best, Aunt Charlotte!” Overwhelmed by emotions, they wrapped their arms around their aunt again.

“All right, why don’t you guys go ahead and get your hands washed as well? It’s almost time for dinner.”

Charlotte asked her daughter to show her nieces the way to get their hands washed with a few maids to keep them company.

Shortly after she regained her composure, she put her apron aside and joined her sons at the dining table.

“Mommy, have a seat!” Jamie rushed over to show his mother the way to her seat.

Once Charlotte took a seat, she noticed Robbie was still occupied with his laptop. Therefore, she asked, “Robbie, what are you up to?”

Her son showed her his laptop and announced, “I’m trying to locate Uncle Dan, but it turns out he’s not in Erihal anymore.”

Astonished by the news, Charlotte asked, “What? How did you figure out he’s no longer in Erihal?”

“I developed a global positioning system when we were in Erihal. Uncle Dan and those affiliated with him assisted me with a few of my trials. Although his phone wasn’t in use anymore, I found out it was last accessed at the airport prior to being disposed of. I ran a series of investigations on the locations of those affiliated with him and found out he was no longer in Erihal.”

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