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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1419

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1419

Tell Me

“Are you sure it’s fine when we’re talking about the children of your arch-enemy?”

Instead of answering her query, Zachary looked at her in the eyes with a deadpan look.

“You know what? They’re really huge fans of yours, and they insist on having me sharing your tales with them every day.”

He remarked in a serious tone, “Just bring them here and share the tales of the almighty man with them whenever they want. It’s not necessary for you to travel here and there and tire yourself out.”

“What do you mean? Are we officially patching things up?” Charlotte made of fun him because it was such a rare opportunity.

“Can you stop asking the obvious?”

The series of questions she directed at him turned out to be her effort to trick him into begging her to return to him.

She’s such a nasty foe! I guess there’s nothing I can do since I’m head over heels in love with her, huh?

“Maybe I’ve accidentally gotten full of myself again, huh?” Charlotte carried on with an aggrieved look. “I’ll send Ben to keep you company when I’m away with the children at Northridge.”

“What? I don’t need him to keep me company. You need to return once you’re done—”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible because I’ve promised to tuck them in and read them bedtime stories.”

Shortly after Charlotte put on her coat and her pair of shoes, she brought herself out of his room. “If you’re bored, get them to play you a movie.”


He couldn’t even stop her because she had left the room.

Shortly after her departure, Ben walked into the room and announced, “Mr. Nacht, Ms. Lindberg has returned to Northridge. She says I’m supposed to keep you—”

He couldn’t even finish his speech because of Zachary’s glare the moment he joined him in the room.

Ben felt a shiver running down his spine. He asked, “W-What’s wrong?”

“Get out of my sight!” Zachary yelled.

Ben was afraid to leave Zachary alone, but he knew he wasn’t supposed to get on the man’s nerves as well.

“I have to stay here to look after you since Raina is away to look for Dr. Wright. I’ll keep my mouth shut unless I have your consent to speak,” he assured the frustrated man on the bed.

Zachary let out a long sigh and tried moving around, but he ended up growling in pain due to the racking sensation he felt.

Ben rushed over and urged, “You need to stay still for another two days; two days is all it takes!”

Two days in bed was a luxury Zachary couldn’t afford because he was in a race against time.

Meanwhile, Charlotte rushed into the kitchen to get the ingredients she needed for dinner ready shortly after she returned to Northridge.

Although she was merely capable of preparing a few simple dishes, the little ones couldn’t be bothered at all.

Hanna had tagged along to prepare the children’s favorite hot cross bunnies and mac and cheese. On top of that, she made Mrs. Berry’s signature dishes for everyone as well.

In the evening, the little ones rushed out of the car the moment they reached home.

As soon as they caught a whiff of the pleasant scent coming from the kitchen, they knew Charlotte was home to honor her promise with them.

Without a second thought, they rushed in the direction of the kitchen while yelling, “Mommy!”

“Aunt Charlotte!”

Apart from Robbie, who had taken a seat at the dining table with his laptop after washing his hands, the rest of them surrounded Charlotte and greeted her to express their excitement.

“Hello, everyone!”

Charlotte greeted those around her and continued advancing in the direction of the dining table to serve the dishes she made.

Once she had everything served, she got her hands washed and instructed, “Jamie, Ellie, go get your hands washed before the meal.”

“All right, Mommy!”

Charlotte wrapped her arms around the little girls and asked, “Alpha, Beta, Gamma, come over here and let me see if all of you are doing fine.”

Alpha answered Charlotte’s queries while counting her fingers, “We had a great time savoring a lot of delicacies, including sweets and desserts, when you weren’t around.”

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