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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1413

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1413

In His Hands

Charlotte was delighted by the progress.

Since he managed to reach Sean, Danrique would soon find out about this. If his situation permits, he should be getting in touch with me soon. When that happens, I will plead with him to find Francesco.

“Why are… you smiling?” Zachary snapped suddenly.

“Huh?” Regaining her senses, Charlotte deleted the message and responded, “It’s nothing. You should get some rest while I go have breakfast.”

With that, she left the room.

The man was still upset. Even though they had cleared up the misunderstanding about Louis, he still felt insecure and restless.

She’s behaving as if nothing had happened and doesn’t seem to be concerned about me.

“Mr. Nacht!” At that moment, Ben rushed into the room. He was absolutely delighted to see that Zachary was awake. “It’s wonderful to see that you’ve regained consciousness! I was worried sick about you.”

“Ben, stay with Mr. Nacht as I need to give Dr. Wright a call.”

Raina planned to update Helen on Zachary’s condition and ask about the medical follow-up.

“All right. Go ahead.” Ben nodded.

After Raina left with the nurses, he approached Zachary excitedly. “Has Ms. Lindberg explained everything to you? It was all an accident. Actually, there was nothing going on between her and Sir Louis—”

“I know.” Zachary cut him off, no longer wanting to talk about it.

“How do you feel?” Ben probed cautiously. “Do you feel unwell anywhere?”

“My body aches all over.”

Zachary sighed. All this while, he was a proud and invincible man. Yet, he was reduced to being a puppet on a bed, to the extent of not being able to move.

“You should feel much better in two more days,” Ben comforted. “Dr. Wright said you should be able to start walking after three days of bed rest.”

“Mmh,” Zachary grunted as he closed his eyes.

“Furthermore, Bruce told me that he has found a lead on Francesco. I’m sure we will be able to locate him soon.”

Ben cooked up a lie as he dared not let Zachary know that it was Charlotte who had seen some progress at her end.

“Even if… we find him, he may not… be willing to come to… H City.”

It took Zachary a lot of effort to complete that sentence. Although he was physically weak, his mind was still sharp.

“We will definitely find a way,” Ben reassured him. “At least we are seeing some progress. You have to have faith and overcome your sickness. Both the children and Ms. Lindberg need you.”

“Stop being melodramatic!”

Zachary shot him a glare as he did not want to hear such cringe-worthy words. In truth, he, too, was desperate to find Francesco and receive treatment. However, the repeated disappointments had caused him to lose hope.

Furthermore, he knew his own condition well. Given how severe it was, Francesco might not be able to cure him even if he was invited over to the residence.

“Fine, fine. Let’s not talk about this anymore.” Knowing what a proud man Zachary was, Ben was aware that he did not like hearing such talk. Hence, he diverted the conversation. “There are a few things I would like to report.”

“Go on.” Zachary’s spirits were only lifted with the mention of official business.

“First, the shareholders of the Gymnasium Project have arrived at Ashenville Garden two days ago. Since you were unconscious at that time, they didn’t dare to bother you. When they found out I had returned today, they asked me about the situation.

“Secondly, Sir Louis engaged people to kidnap Ms. Lindberg. They had threatened to hurt Lupine and the others to force her into submission. When Ms. Lindberg tried to flee by holding Sir Louis hostage, one of his men fired a shot at her.

“At the crucial moment, Lupine shielded Ms. Lindberg and took the bullet on her behalf. Although her life is no longer in danger, I still felt outraged, so I captured Louis and all of his subordinates and brought them back to H City. Their fate is in your hands.”

“Well done!” Zachary’s expression darkened. “She didn’t… tell me… these details.”

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