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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1412

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1412

Another Quilt

“The bathroom is filled with your medication and medical supplies, so Ms. Lindberg has to use the guest room to wash up,” Raina explained when she saw through Zachary’s thoughts. “I’ll have someone tidy it up later so that she can shower in here.”

Zachary nodded in approval.

“Do you want to add a small bed by the side?” one of the nurses asked. “That way, Ms. Lindberg can sleep on it when she accompanies you at night. She won’t disturb your rest, and neither will she come into contact with your wounds.”

“That’s right.” Another nurse voiced her approval. “Mr. Nacht, considering your current condition, you have to be careful not to touch your wounds. Otherwise—”

“Cut the crap,” Zachary interrupted as he glared coldly at them.

The two nurses paled with fright and lowered their heads, no longer daring to utter another word.

“The examination is completed. Why don’t the two of you pack up the items in the bathroom?”

Being thoughtful, Raina got them out of the fix.

“Yes, Dr. Langhan.” The nurses headed to the bathroom as instructed.

After taking Zachary’s temperature, Raina remarked softly, “They’re not wrong, you know. Considering your wounds, it would be terrible if she touched them. Why don’t we bring in another quilt instead of a small bed?”

“You’re such a busybo—”

“That’s a wonderful idea!”

Just as Zachary was about to admonish Raina, Charlotte returned from freshening up.

While putting on facial moisturizer on her milk-like skin, she commented, “I was just thinking about sleeping on the sofa tonight, but it’s just too hard and uncomfortable. Actually, a small bed is also a good idea. Considering how big the room is, there should be no problem accommodating it at all.”

Raina observed Zachary’s expression and noticed he was visibly upset. However, Charlotte was oblivious to it still. In fact, she was estimating the measurements with her hands while talking to herself.

“This spot should fit a queen-size bed. However, it will definitely look strange. I bet a perfectionist like him would be unsettled by it. Oh well, forget it. I think I’ll just sleep on the sofa. Please add a mattress on top of it. Also, please get me a thicker blanket. I’m afraid of the cold.”

“Ms. Lindberg…” Raina quickly called out when she saw Zachary’s expression turning darker. “The sofa is too far away. It would be hard for you to notice if Mr. Nacht has any discomfort. Why don’t you sleep on the bed? I’ll get you another quilt instead.”

After contemplating over it, Charlotte agreed, “That makes sense.” If not for her being particularly attentive the previous night, she would not have noticed Zachary constantly stirring throughout the night.

Upon seeing how frosty Zachary looked, she thought he disdained him. Hence, she quickly reassured, “Don’t worry. I’ll behave and definitely not touch you.”

Rolling his eyes, Zachary no longer had the energy to scold her, nor did he feel like talking to her anymore.

“All right. That’s settled then.” Seeing that his mood had lightened, Raina added, “Ms. Lindberg, I have ordered the bathroom to be tidied up. From today onward, you can shower there instead of the guest room.”

“Really? That’s great!” Charlotte was looking at her phone. “I’ll get someone to bring me a change of clothes. I felt too embarrassed to go downstairs in my nightgown.”

“I have already ordered someone to prepare them,” Raina quickly replied. “Your clothes and toiletries are ready.”

“I’m still more used to using mine.”

Charlotte gave Morgan a call to bring her things.

Over the phone, Morgan reported, “Ms. Lindberg, I have been contacting Mr. Lindberg’s subordinates. However, only Gordon has replied. He said he had gotten in touch with you. As for the rest, I didn’t hear anything from them.”

“I understand. Go and prepare my clothes first.”

As she spoke, Charlotte checked her messages. Gordon had sent her one, telling her that he had reached out to Sean and had him help search for Francesco. Hence, Sean was on the case.

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