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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1411

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1411


Before Charlotte could continue, Zachary grabbed her hand anxiously. Summoning whatever strength he could, he asked, “Why… didn’t you say anything… back then?”

“I was equally confused and assumed it did happen.” With an embarrassed look on her face, she explained, “Deep down, I felt that nothing happened between us. However, all the evidence seemed to indicate that it was. Before I got a grasp of the situation, I didn’t dare to tell you anything.”

“R-Really?” Zachary could not rein back his emotions.

“If you don’t believe me, you can investigate it yourself.” Charlotte did not explain further. “When we returned to the Laurent family’s castle, Diana pulled the same trick again, but I caught her. By installing a pinhole camera, I captured everything as evidence and used it to coerce Sir Robert and his wife to call off the wedding. Devastated by the incident, Louis fell into depression. Even now, I can feel that he’s mentally deranged…”

At that point, she could not help but sigh. “To be honest, I, too, am responsible for it. But the problem mainly lies with his parents and Diana.”

Zachary finally believed her. Previously, he found it odd as to why Robert and Sherlyn would let her go and why their relationship ended on such bad terms. As it did not make sense, he was convinced there must be an inside story.

Finally, the truth was revealed.

“The first matter has been cleared up.” Rubbing her tired eyes, Charlotte continued, “The second thing I want to say is that I will not have anything to do with Louis going forward. Hence, I hope you will stop being angry over the matter.”

“Really?” Zachary asked again.

Knitting her eyebrows, she shot him a look of displeasure. “Do you not believe me?”

“I just hope that… you will… keep your—”

“I will. Don’t worry,” Charlotte interjected. Sighing, she continued, “Besides, Louis is close to turning into a lunatic. The best solution is to stay away from him and let him undergo treatment.”

“You still… care about him.” That was what bothered Zachary the most.

“Why are you still fixating on that?” She was peeved. “I’m only concerned about him as a friend, nothing more.”

Zachary put up his hand to indicate that he did not want to discuss it further.

Since Charlotte had cleared the air and declared that she would keep her distance from Louis, there was no need for him to dwell on the topic any further.

After all, the darkest days were already over.

Zachary felt reinvigorated.

However, he still felt as if he was forgiving her too easily, so he continued to feign a frosty and dissatisfied expression.

“Are you feeling unwell?” Charlotte scrutinized his condition.

“No.” Closing his eyes, the man responded distantly.

“Go back to sleep then.” Utterly drained of energy, she let out a yawn, curled underneath the quilt, and carefully maintained her distance from Zachary.

When Zachary tried to squirm toward her, Charlotte thought she had accidentally touched him and turned around instead. She was so far away that the quilt barely covered her.

Zachary was speechless. She really is dense!

That night, both of them fell asleep in the face of repeated disruptions.

At nine in the morning, Charlotte was awoken by some muffled sounds. Opening her eyes groggily, she noticed that Raina and the nurses had arrived. They were preparing to give Zachary an examination.

However, the man gestured for them to leave so that they would not disturb her rest.

Nonetheless, Charlotte was already awake. She quickly got out of bed. “I’m sorry! I was too tired and overslept.”

“It’s all right, Ms. Lindberg. Why don’t you go wash up while I give Mr. Nacht a checkup?” Raina replied awkwardly.

“Sure.” Charlotte hurried out at once.

Staring at her silhouette, Zachary could not help but feel dejected.

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