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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1408

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1408

Waking Up From A Nightmare

“Don’t worry about the children. We will take good care of them,” Ben replied earnestly. “Nevertheless, it’s still too dangerous for you to go back to Erihal. I’m sure you know how important you are to Mr. Nacht. If anything happens to you, it will be meaningless even if you found Francesco.”

Charlotte was touched by his words. She never knew how important she was to Zachary.

“In my opinion, we should try and locate Francesco first,” Ben suggested. “Bruce is now in Erihal, so he can take action the moment he receives your instruction. I believe he will be able to bring Francesco back to H City very soon.”

“You don’t know how difficult Francesco is.” Furrowing her eyebrows, Charlotte remarked, “He might look like a doctor on the surface but is actually a mysterious and massively wealthy man. No one knows his true identity. When he was treating me back then, he wore a mask all the time. Hence, even I don’t know what he looks like. Furthermore, he’s quite eccentric. Other than my brother, he doesn’t respect anyone else. Even if we found him, he may not agree to follow Bruce back to H City.”

“Huh?” The news unsettled Ben. “That does sound troublesome.”

“Let’s focus on getting a lead first.” Charlotte sighed. “Actually, he might not agree to help even if I see him personally. Unless…”

“Unless what?” he asked frantically.

“Unless Danrique makes the request.” Charlotte held onto a sliver of hope. “As of now, the ideal solution would be to find Danrique first and get him to ask Francesco.”

“But Mr. Lindberg might not be willing to save Zachary.” Ben lacked confidence.

“Begging him to do it is certainly easier than begging Francesco.” Charlotte was still hopeful. “Danrique might seem cold, but he treats me very well, unlike Francesco, who doesn’t have a relationship with me. I’m afraid he won’t agree to do it on my account. At the same time, I’m not sure if he will make an exception for Dr. Felch’s sake. After all, Dr. Felch was the one who disowned him back then. Moreover, they had not been in touch in the last ten years. Anyhow, we still need to find him first.”

“That’s true.” Ben sighed. He had assumed that everything would be solved once they located Francesco. To his dismay, he only realized then that Francesco might not be willing to cooperate.

Consequently, the matter was more tricky than he had thought.

“All right now, you must be exhausted after what had happened in the last few days.” Charlotte changed the topic. “You should get some rest while I stay by Zachary’s side.”

“Mmh.” Ben nodded at her before taking his leave.

With that, she remained by Zachary’s bedside quietly, grateful that she could still have the chance to do so.

She recalled everything that had happened between them, the ups and downs, the joys and miseries.

By then, Charlotte came to realize how much their past felt like a story.

Regardless, it was all water under the bridge. What mattered was appreciating those who were still in her life.

With that thought in mind, Charlotte laid her head beside Zachary and fell asleep.

Probably because she barely slept over the last four days, including three in which she was kidnapped, she was overwhelmed with exhaustion.

Consequently, she fell into such a deep slumber that she did not even realize Zachary had awoken.

Jolted awake from his nightmare, Zachary was covered with cold sweat.

He had dreamt of Charlotte and Louis’ wedding. When he ran into the venue to stop it, Charlotte pointed a gun at him and ordered him to leave.

Meanwhile, Louis fanned the flames by urging Charlotte to pull the trigger.

Nevertheless, Zachary was certain that she would not shoot and tried his best to salvage their relationship by bringing up the children and all the wonderful memories they shared. However, all his pleas for her to return to his side fell on deaf ears.

Finally, she vengefully listed all the pain he had brought upon her before proclaiming her love for Louis. She insisted on marrying him and demanded Zachary to get lost.

In the heat of the moment, she mercilessly fired a shot at his chest.

And that was the moment he woke up.

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