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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1403

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1403

With that, Nancy left furiously with her subordinates.

Charlotte was thrilled to watch Nancy leave. As the latter had been civil to her, she did not intend to make things difficult for her.

However, when Nancy tried to take over her place in the Nacht residence and openly challenged her, Charlotte chose to take her gloves off.

Nevertheless, she does know a thing or two. In just a few days, she had the entire Nacht family eating out of her hands. Luckily, the kids protected me. Or else, I would have been at a terrible disadvantage.

Holding that thought, Charlotte asked Kyle in a low voice, “How did it occur to you to bring the children over?”

“Ben reminded me to. He was worried that you might face some trouble here. Hence, he instructed me to bring them here,” Kyle replied in the same volume. “When we’re at the middle of the mountain, I drove toward Northridge to pick them up.”

“Smart,” she praised.

“Mommy, you should go upstairs to see Daddy.” Exuding the air of a head of a household, Robbie began to take charge. “Jamie, Ellie, both of you should play upstairs. However, don’t be too loud as to disturb Daddy.”

“Okay.” Jamie and Ellie nodded before proceeding upstairs obediently.

“Mr. Spencer, shall we talk?” Robbie turned toward Spencer.

Frightened by his gaze, Spencer began to cough nervously. However, he dared not refuse. “Sure, sure.”

“Mrs. Rawlston, please prepare a cup of tea for Mr. Spencer,” Robbie instructed Hanna before beaming at the older man. “I remember he loves tea, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, yes, right away.” Hanna quickly went to prepare it.

“That’s right. I’m surprised that you remember.”

Spencer was always fearful of Robbie as he exuded the Nacht family’s intimidating aura every time he spoke. Despite his young age, he had an incredibly sharp gaze.

Furthermore, he was already very good at playing mind games.

At that moment, Spencer recalled how Henry used to praise Robbie. He mentioned that every new generation surpassed the preceding one. Compared to Zachary when he was the same age, Robbie demonstrated capabilities that exceeded those of his father.

Seeing that Robbie had dealt with Spencer and settled down Jamie and Ellie, Charlotte was extremely relieved. Hence, she strode upstairs to see Zachary.

Outside the master bedroom stood four bodyguards and two maids. As they were already aware of the confrontation downstairs, they greeted her respectfully and allowed her to enter.

“Zachary…” Charlotte called out the man’s name emotionally.

However, the moment she did so, she was stunned by the scene before her.

Zachary lay motionless in bed. Helen was treating the wound behind his ear while Raina and another nurse were assisting her.

When Helen saw Charlotte arrive, she shot her a glance and reminded her in Ustranasion. “Keep quiet!”

With light footsteps, Charlotte walked to the side of the door and barely dared to breathe aloud.

After a while, the wound was finally dressed.

Helen sighed in exhaustion and said to Raina in Ustranasion solemnly, “He’s not in critical condition anymore. However, he will need to lie in bed for three days. He cannot be provoked or move unnecessarily. Otherwise, don’t call me over anymore as there won’t be anything else I can do for him.”

“I understand. Thank you, Dr. Wright.” Raina offered, “I’ll walk you out.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll show myself out.”

After washing her hands in the bathroom, the doctor left with her assistant. When she walked past Charlotte, she looked at her intently without saying a word.

Charlotte found Helen’s response strange. However, she quickly figured that the doctor must have thought she was the cause of Zachary’s dangerous condition.

With everyone gone, the room fell silent again.

Raina hastened to greet Charlotte. “Ms. Lindberg, you’re finally back. When Mr. Nacht was injured the last time, we assumed he was fine. However, we didn’t expect the vase to hit a vital part. Therefore—”

“I understand.”

Charlotte was aware that Raina was making up an excuse to prevent her from finding out about Zachary’s poisoning. Instead of exposing her lie, she pretended to be clueless.

She figured it would be less stressful for everyone that way.

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