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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1400

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1400

“I’ll take care of locating Francesco.” Charlotte checked her watch for the time. “After going back, I’ll contact Gordon and Sean at once.”

“That’s wonderful! Thank you, Ms. Lindberg.” Ben was extremely grateful. “With your help, Mr. Nacht can finally be cured.”

“No, wait.” Charlotte suddenly thought of something important. “Didn’t you just say that Zachary’s condition had stabilized when you left?”

“That’s right. He was extremely worried about you and wanted to look for you. However, he decided against it after I got on my knees and pleaded with him.”

“That’s not the point,” she interrupted him. “Was his condition really stable then?”

“Relatively so. Dr. Wright said that as long as he didn’t go out, he would be fine for about a month,” he explained earnestly.

“But…” The more Charlotte thought about it, the more suspicious she became. “When I called Zachary last night, it was Nancy who answered.”

“Huh?” Stunned, Ben frantically explained, “That’s not right. By the time I left, Nancy was already gone. Unless she came back later? But don’t worry, Ms. Lindberg. Given how sick Mr. Nacht is, nothing is going to happen between them—”

“That’s not what I’m concerned about.” The woman’s expression was grim. “I’m worried that he’s suffering a relapse.”

Her words struck fear into Ben. “That’s entirely possible. Back then, when I arrived at the villa, he wanted me to start a video call. I did as told and captured you and Sir Louis…”

At there, he raised his hand to slap himself in remorse. “It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have started the video call. Why was I so stupid?”

“You’re not to blame.” Charlotte uttered coldly, “I think someone must have said something in front of him.”

“Do you mean Ms. Gold?” Ben asked meekly. “That’s unlikely. She seems to be quite an honest person.”

“Precisely. Due to her honesty, everyone assumes she will only tell the truth.” A wry smile hovered on her lips. “Because of that, Zachary will believe her words, which makes her a formidable adversary.”


“However, that’s for another day. I should find Francesco as soon as possible.” Charlotte was well aware of her priorities. “Once we disembark from the plane, you should settle Lupine down while I will return to Southridge.”

“Sure.” Ben repeatedly nodded as he could not be happier. However, at the thought of something, he asked in concern, “As for Mr. Nacht, can you…”

Flashing him a faint smile, she assured, “Don’t worry. I know what must be done. I won’t put you in a spot.”

“That’s good. Thank you.”

Ben heaved a sigh of relief.

Half an hour later, their private jet landed in H City.

Ben had already contacted the medical staff at Kindness Hospital to meet them at the airport. After that, he and a few other subordinates accompanied the unconscious Lupine to the hospital.

At the same time, he arranged for Cain, Kyle, and the others to escort Charlotte back to Southridge.

Ben bowed at Charlotte respectfully before the two groups went their separate ways. “Ms. Lindberg, the fate of the Nacht family is in your hands!”

“Don’t worry.” The woman nodded. “I’ll leave Lupine with you.”


The road leading back to Southridge was shrouded in rain and mist.

Charlotte switched her SIM card to a new phone and contacted Gordon at once.

However, when Gordon did not reply after a long while, she dropped Sean a message and told them to call her the moment they saw her note.

Cognizant of the fact that they might be tied down in Erihal, she reckoned they might not be able to check their phone in time. Nevertheless, once they saw her message, they would get in touch with her at once.

All she could do was wait patiently.

Soon, the car drove into Southridge. When Charlotte alighted, she saw a few unfamiliar bodyguards stationed outside. That was when she realized they were not the Nacht family’s men but the Gold family’s instead.

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