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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1395

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1395

Louis tried to stop Charlotte frantically, but she had pulled the trigger without hesitation.

At that crucial moment, a dart flew over and hit the gun in Charlotte’s hand.

Struck by it, the gun clattered to the ground and diverted the trajectory of the bullet.

The shock from Charlotte’s action had Louis down on his knees. His entire body went limp, and he was sweating buckets.

His heart felt as though it was smashed into smithereens by that silent gunshot.

“Ms. Lindberg!”

Ben rushed over and carried Charlotte and the unconscious Lupine away.

Louis did not stop them anymore, merely staring at Charlotte’s figure in despair until she was gone from his sight.

He finally realized he would never win her heart over no matter what he did, as she would rather die than be with him.

Everything he had done only incited her disgust and hatred.

“Lupine! Lupine!”

After carrying Lupine into the car, Ben glanced at her gunshot wound and became anxiety-ridden. “It was all my fault. I couldn’t protect you.”

“Hurry to the hospital! Quick!” Charlotte urged urgently.


The crimson sunset at that moment reflected Charlotte’s despair.

She hated herself for not being decisive and ruthless. If she did not drag her heels, she would not have been entangled with things that were inherently wrong time and again.

She even involved those around her.

First, it was Morgan, then it was Lupine.

If anything happened to Lupine, she would never forgive herself.

When the car came to a halt at the hospital, Ben dashed into the building with Lupine in his arms. “Somebody help!” he yelled desperately.

Ben had been by Zachary’s side for over a decade. Throughout the years, he learned to be level-headed. Other than matters related to Zachary, he had never lost control of his emotions.

For the past few months, he had maintained a passive attitude toward Lupine as though he was unmoved by the feelings he had for her.

In the eyes of others, he seemed to be disinterested in the relationship.

Yet, he could no longer mask his feelings at that moment. His anxiety, heartache, and panic betrayed his concern for Lupine.

Charlotte trailed behind the doctor closely and repeatedly exhorted, “You must save her no matter what. Nothing can happen to her.”

“We’ll do our very best.”

The hospital was humming as the medical staff flurried into the operation room. Charlotte paced outside, anxiously waiting for the operation to end.

Ben gave Zachary a call, but no one picked up. Mr. Nacht is probably angry.

However, he did not think much of it at that time because Lupine’s life was in danger. Therefore, he pocketed his phone and sat outside of the operation room.

Unbeknownst to him, there was a flurry of activity at Southridge too.

With the fastest speed, Nancy quickly had someone bring Helen over.

Once Helen had a complete understanding of the entire situation, she rebuked, “I said that he needed rest and that he shouldn’t be agitated, nor should he move around! It has only been a few days since his treatment.”

“Dr. Wright, please calm down and check on Mr. Nacht,” Nancy urged nervously.

“I wouldn’t have given a damn about him if it wasn’t for the pay. Even God can’t save such an uncooperative patient.”

Helen entered Zachary’s room with quick steps and began examining and treating him.

Outside of the room, Spencer paced up and down while interrogating Raina.

Raina dared not say it was because of Charlotte, so she merely explained Zachary got agitated from a call he received.

As for the content of the call, they would have to wait for Zachary’s explanation after he woke up.

Spencer’s expression turned grim as he knew the call was related to Charlotte. Yet, he did not mention it before the outsiders, merely ordering everyone to keep silent and not disrupt Zachary’s treatment.

At that moment, he had decided to talk with Charlotte for the sake of Zachary’s health.

Meanwhile, Charlotte had no idea about Zachary’s condition.

She was a bundle of nerves while waiting in the hospital.

At midnight, the doctor finally exited the emergency room. He pulled his mask off and said, “The patient has passed the critical stage. Luckily, the bullet didn’t strike her heart, so her life isn’t in immediate danger.”

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